Monday, November 3


something i was expecting last summer evening, you and the rain. the fragrance of earth showered with first drops of rain brought back childhood adventures in rain-jungles. the always mysterious boundaries set around a magnificent sunset never changes with age. then it was all gone, and you reached out to me. and the rest of the day was filled with jokes and laughter. those memories will haunt many ages, and then those too will wither away.

evening rain

my rendezvous with you. this life does not fail to reach and touch every single day. in those moments, it expands, fills space with passion to live. and you wake up everyday, to watch the first sunrise then to call me. days melt into night, same poetry resonates a new meaning every new day. your eyes, your passion lives in me.


Monday, May 26

of journeys

he picked up the coins, littered throughout the house. the collector has ended his life. what meaning has this coins for him now, each piece older than the other, and heavy in memories.

this was just another stop in his million year journey. shall he keep the coins to present to the collector at the end of his own journey?

of journeys

Friday, April 11

of life

you delve too deep, missing the magic of the sweet abandon, scattered along the surface of life

Thursday, February 27

many tomorrows

when everything around you seems for eternity
every hint of life, living forever in their dreams

Sunday, February 23

neutrino navigator

awaken, by the trails of light. far ahead, in each century, they lived forever. there were artifacts to be found, in different universes. having lost the feel of time, and sleep, we lie awake in edge cities, edging closer to the end of infinity.



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny