Saturday, August 11

the mind

the mind feels trapped. the illusion of happiness slowly eroding. the promised greater days non existent, only nights seem to be of salvation. unable to comprehend the surroundings, unable to admire the beauty of this world. the camera lay dead in its own prison. its pixels loosing their magical abilities.

the mind feels abbreviated. every action seems to be measured. every action are asked to be measured. days flipping into tomorrow slowly closes one memory after the other, as fear takes over and crushes every desire. every dream seems to be in forever dusk. every dream, like the books strewn in the dungeon unread, dies the moment they are born.

the mind decays. once the playground full of life. once the creators of life, now seeking every bit of life, among the many dead that walks by.



Jeevan said...

I don't know what to say... but u need a change! everything is there. only u need to look back :)

Nachi said...

well, the mind needs some 'time-out' of its own. either that or it needs the entire Knightfall saga of Batman (*me got me got*).

so what's it gonna be, brah? :)

Kavi said...

But why !?!

If it is an identified function of the mind, perhaps its time to ask the question 'why' !

Sivanesan Subramaniam said...

@jeevan yes, i believe i do need a change. there is a whole new world waiting to be experience every couple years, career wise and I need to grasp this.

@nachi goddamit, knightfall?! well i just ordered the making of the tdk trilogy, lets c which one is awesomer. on the issue, yes i do need another break.

@kavi sir, i believe thats the right way to approach this stage or period of life. there are many things we can discard or set aside to really feel what life needs at the present moment :)

Devilish Angel said...

Brain can control the mind... When you can develop reasoning will know it...


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