Wednesday, August 15

on work

its been a while since i've written about work. work is good, been seeing a lot of improvements in experience, tool usage and client coverage. as expected the introduction of machine translation (MT) had some affect on overall job volume. at the same time, google translate didn't really kill the translation and localization industry. i believe now, it will never be able to reach the sufficient level of AI to produce flawless auto translation. language will remain truly a human skill, being able to fit the context and climate of use. a machine, will forever remain a machine regardless of the level of sentience achieved, in not being able to manipulate the outcome of MT to the multilayered level of user acceptance, of the respective field and in general, to suit the evolving human language itself.

just my thoughts.


Jeevan said...

I agree on the translation.

Arv said...

True bro :)

p.s. if the machines take over, u will be sought after :P

Devilish Angel said...

People will be out of job if machines are that much smart...


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