Monday, January 10

wandering the meridians

how does it feel to live a life of no end. the mind crosses time-lines trying to figure a rhythm to settle down. the earth becomes borderless, full of fantastic exploits and the heart yearns for wanderlust. earths' conquerors living and dying only to be reborn at the end of each destination. from fog covered valleys and colonial highways to mile long trains. pockets of humanity cuddled searching for the warmth of life and solitude of an overnight dream. bubbles of human emotion, of songs playing in dreams, the magic of not knowing their names but the names of the eyes. memories of opposite meridians fade away in half decades of life before we walk again to fulfill a new age of discovery. the universe begins again for everyone when you stop at some moment and felt you have forgotten that lonely path that you are gazing into, maybe its a new world. maybe you haven't visited it yet.


Jeevan said...

its fun going around the axis...

Devilish Angel said...

Happy New Year GP... Your blog looks neat and fresh :)

Arv said...

and that by itself is one epic journey bro :)

I like the new template too :)



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny