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of age

thinking about getting old, about people around you getting old and death bring so much grief. age does not seem to stop, its as relentless as time. days get older, scapes get older, everything dies. even memories become obsolete. the age is too fast. yesterdays are forgotten in an instance. in any relative transformation to the future, there are no more past to remember. its irrelevant. the wish for a circle of life, the cycle does not exist anymore. atleast not in our lifetime.

how would it be, if we live to a hundred years old and then age backwards. the perfect circle. living all times past and future. and returning to progeny. now that too will be filled with sorrow. as we see death have erased everything for you to feel nostalgic. for aging backwards is the same as getting old. as we walk back we dont find anyone relating to us anymore. the paths have already diverged, the memories converged into the singularity. everything seems to have become redundant.


Cinderella said…
This post is deep.

For me age is just a number. I didnt turn any different when I turned 26 when I felt when I turned 19. I guess I am still 19 in my head. My mum says she's still 19 in her head.

I think most things really are redundant. At te end of almost everything if you ask, "how does it matter?", the answer is most likely to "yeah I guess".

"..the paths have already diverged, the memories converged into the singularity. "

Nachi said…
i don't want to live forever (although i do want to stick around for a long long time). having to re-live our lives would simply take away the joy from it. the joy of discovery.

the eternal have a curse upon them. to have seen and understood the world too well, so much so that there is nothing left in it to be a reason for wondrous thought.

we may not find particular individuals relating to us anymore. but everything else shall become redundant.
Kavi said…
'seems' ! yeah !

Ghost Particle said…
[girl] thx girl. all seems to be lost in the end, when its juts memories and nothing more. its not like we can relieve it. but yes, in the mind we can. i want to turn back the time in my mind too :)

[nachi] you said it well 'so much so that there is nothing left in it to be a reason for wondrous thought.' lets live for whats worth it, full of abandon.

[kavi] you caught the point sir... there is another side :)
Jeevan said…
So true bro. Not everyone completes their century and carry away memories...

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