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a new year

wishing everyone a happy and good beginning to the new year. dont loose hope of humanity, there is so much to do, so much to learn, there is still time for us to change things. the human spirit prevails in the face of disaster, politics and hatred. live a life that is clutter free, a less confusing year, a year we appreciate everything we have more that what we might or will get in the future.

2010 has been a great year work wise, something I was worried would burst at the start of 2010, but somehow things worked out well. the negativity in rushing forward too fast, balanced well with determination to keep everything in control. My wish for 2011, is to judge less, for each future is written by their beholder. but to write a future that does not originate from us, then that is work, and it is someone else's future and that is where our trust and determination should be. being in a job line that at most times means scrutinizing the works of others, and at the same time wishing our own efforts doesn't go to waste culminates into alot of unwanted emotions. the pressure of being self-employed mirrors that of the gruelling days in office, meetings, appraisals, etc. but at the same time, a localiser sees his/her work in real time, on the internet, in devices, in popular culture. the feedback, and the impact is direct. mastering the trade doesn't necessarily mean you win the game. the game is understanding stuff from a user view point. here again, hoping I would not repeat the same mistakes, would not take promises for granted and would not undervalue myself.

there is/was much to say about family, friends life. but it'll be the same run of the mill story that repeats every year. people take you for granted, for they value you by what you bring on paper and not for the human you are. mistakes, however small will stay for life. people rarely forget, nor do they forgive. its a saying, never in practice. the smart thing is to just walk away from emotions, just to chart the path that you would hurt less, be hurt less and be able to perform your best. the reality is, relationships, like plagues, will kill you either instantly or by slowly gnawing at your soul. this reality, caused by living the life of others for decades has turned into a disease incurable. how long could someone take this with a smiling face, or just to throw the burden at god... god knows...

but at long last, the fight will be over, that day will become just another day, and another year and its tomorrows will be a different dawn. for all the hurt in the heart, there is still a night to end and a day to start.

happy new year, and here's a wish to the human spirit... love and let live.


Kavi said…
Here's wishing you a fabulous new year !

Humanity is too important for us to give up hope on it !!

We'll make it happen !

Jeevan said…
True bro! without human we aren't and humanity should withstand and only then we can survive esp. myself who quite depend on.

Its new year and we're to think about future and at same time we are here to think back and thank every one and thing that sustain and pleasure us back.

My personal wish for u is a balance work space that bring peace and emotion and stress free...

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