Tuesday, January 4

in the jungle

long ago, through some very unfortunate events i learned that loosing trust would have big implications on my future life. once gone, its gone forever. im still suffering. but i have no regret over it anymore. the pain becomes numb after a while. and i try my best not to repeat the same situation surrounding this events. last year, because of some lapse i had to break this trust again to some very bad consequences. the lost of effort and time. and this year karma served it back to me. i didn't want to connect this, but the circumstances are clear. whats more unbelievable is the lie that was told. some people are so stupid to think i cant see through them. there are some basic ground rules when giving reasons, first of which is not to implicate another person. a deal with a client is a one to one deal. throwing pity on some other person is really really degrading and dishonest. secondly, lie consistently. coz one small slip and your out in the open. check back your facts and rethink what bs you told me. im really angry over this, i hope the person regrets this and learns something. dont bite the hand that feeds. and seriously, using that 10% of your brain you would know that the hand that feeds are the clients and not mine. im the intermediary, stupid.

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Jeevan said...

don't worry bro, the people will realize.


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