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this journey

alot of thing doest make sense now, alot more lost along the way. days and nights doesn't turn a difference, the sun and the moon, eyes unblinking. feet wandering the streets, streets meandering cold lands. the feeling of being lost, more now than ever, consumes the soul left open in search of divinity. disguised, the wounded heart walks along, in fever, in reverie of ancient lands. he wants, it wants the souls of the dead.

of the many walks, some trespassed into their realm, angered they invaded him. hallucinating visions, the sights and sound of thousands of years lived in a second. i am not unique, heard from the cry into the night, somewhere along the 10,000 mile road. from villages to cities, light after light, the sunrise hidden, but awakening cities mesmerize. they smile, walk and dance all in their own majestic world.

drowning, from river to lakes to sea. from all corners of the earth, stories alive. in this immortal land, you stood spinning along the axis of the orbiting galaxy. the stars above are no magic, for here they created even the beginning.

it was not love, not songs i seek. it is life, to share. when daylight comes in the morning, when the night speaks only in dreams, i will return. in this life or the other.


venus66 said…
Hi, how are you?
This journey of life is full of obstacles.
dreamscapes said…
nejamana ghost maari pesra!!
//naane varuven// effect.
it's always hard to understand what u r trying to say.
Nahuatl said…
i agree with dreamscapes.. sometimes i don't understand your babbling too. Wat is troubling you so much that you wrote so many paragraphs on it? :D
Ghost Particle said…
@venus i agree, im good. how r u?

@kiru :D thanks

@nayan :P if i start writing things that ppl can understand, then I would start to write a proper novel...this is jst like u said, a blabber
I just came across your blog! Seems its something I've been looking to read.

Nice post,I love the look of the page.

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