Monday, September 6

i know

of your evil play. among all this 'sciences' and all the non-belief i have on this system, i know what you capable of. i know you succeeded in crushing me many times, i know of your evil. but trust me on this, you will not win this war. with escalation of anger, sadism and emotions you are leaving deep scars that wont heal. it will reflect back on you. i will prevail.


venus66 said...

Hi Siva, how are you?
You sounded very angry.
You are angry with God?

Jeevan said...

guess its an outbreak on science related to the belief.

Arv said...

lol... whoever it is for... they have unleashed hell upon themselves :P

go get 'em Ghost :)

Ghost Particle said...

@venus ah not with god, with humans.

@jeevan in confusion over what to believe n do bro, bt thats life.

@arv theyll get it soon bro. if only this asshles know how to shut up and move out of the way when were are no more with them.

Nahuatl said...

belief is a single thing. there are no conflicting believes. One stays.. others discarded. What is the confusion?


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