Thursday, September 30


they are not wanderers. they built giant rivers through time.
so we hired a boat and paddled along the infinity shore. on the river bank, faces of desolate souls. waking up from their burning pyres. tired eyes watching along the path of no return. many worlds, we see them from sunrise to darkness. nights littered with zero machines, emitting light from an unknown source of energy. as they twinkle from life to death, controlled by some force, we see them taking form. they are humans liberated from this tragedy.

when life has walked past. and days become meaningless voids, no mirror can reflect. even time regrets not stopping. just for a moment and giving this universe a chance of survival.

when you are beyond, and above everything, one with your world. you are there, where each smile, touch and love is pain.

then the end.

Monday, September 6

i know

of your evil play. among all this 'sciences' and all the non-belief i have on this system, i know what you capable of. i know you succeeded in crushing me many times, i know of your evil. but trust me on this, you will not win this war. with escalation of anger, sadism and emotions you are leaving deep scars that wont heal. it will reflect back on you. i will prevail.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny