Thursday, April 1


Wrote this nearly two years ago and it still holds true. Sad that humanity never matured beyond their heads.

"The benefit of being youths living in a lawless world is that, when we see a door... we can kick it open or break it down. But is there still a risk of people saying that we are irresponsible? When we are just trying to open the doors to opportunity, in a society trying to cement such doors shut."

For the meaning, of being rebels is to break out of the mold. Youths in a lawless world are youths in a borderless society. The opportunity is what we have already created and stored behinds doors. The journey defines character.


Kavi said...

Well said ! The journey always defines character ! Always !

Cinderella said...

This has always been one of fave posts from you bhai. Every word strikes a resonance.

Cinderella said...
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Jeevan said...

wow! It cause an endeavor to youth. great through bro.

starry said...

very well said and so true.

Stupidosaur said...

Sure its still irresponsible! If you see a door supposedly to opportunities, why not open it in a civilized way rather than kick it? That way there is scope for you to come back and shut it behind you if you find something horrible behind it!

Add a link to the older post man! Mayb it will make things more clear to a Stupid person.


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