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starscapes, coastal trains and dreams

if life were to be defined by the many times you break down, drift lost in specific coastal domains where sunsets don't live, yet wake up another day to live it all again. to wake up.

if, in a life such as them, sprinkled random we have the enigmatic starscapes guiding us with Orion's triplets themself so that we are not lost in such dreams throwing us into faraway timescapes. these are dreams.

it is a life worth living. let all life be written in such words. let it be my life.

ive had this recurring dream during my childhood which made up a major part of the very few memories i have of my early years on this earth. its of this beautiful vista of a huge coast line with sail boats and ships. and in one image is a train snaking its way along the coastline and there i was immersed and overwhelmed by the whole thing, gawking at it from the veranda of my house. every time i had this dream i live through an euphoric state growing intense each time. a little kid lost in his own world. was it a vision of the future?

now, i am from this small town in the north of peninsular malaysia...the coastline being an hour away, let alone having trains along the shore. and sail boats and ships? then came my first experience on the penang ferry sometime in 1984 (i can still remember the year because the penang bridge was under its final stage of construction and was only opened in 1985. and while crossing the small straits from butterworth to the island, the bridge was visible in a distance with its tall beautiful spires and cables and unconnected in the middle). the imagery from childhood shapes an important part of the human mind.

the next decade were full of lucid dreams of starscapes and rocket ships. the deluge of tv programs and thank god for such a cool grandpa, god bless his soul wherever he is right now, my life is blessed with everything i wanted to watch. the mind was shaped and incidental findings (with the internet to verify :P ) build a stronger interest in tomorrows.

so this sailboats and coastlines....i saw them last year in san francisco and while taking the coast starlight from la to san jose. was stumped throughout the train journey actually thinking of all this. even the coach master was surprised of my silence...the wide eyed wanderer. i told her i ticked off a few items from my bucket list and well this is/was a dream come true.

and to put this post into perspectives, as i near my 1000th and landmark post in this blog, i wanted to say that life is indeed about the unknown. about the chances taken that breaks open new paths and of days broken and battered that made tomorrows seems all beautiful and never too late. life is about that little sunshine in the morning, the blessing of wind-scapes in the evenings and unending starscapes at nights.

//a celebration of the human spirit.


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