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from sungai petani to silicon valley

ill be honest here. i've always felt this 'career' im in as a fluke. the same way i felt starting my postgraduate studies. a life of flukes. of stumbling upon?

i was chatting with my savior, mentor and recently convinced 'my quantum entangled twin' in a faraway land, Fred Lessing. he said i had this coming. we all had this coming. its something we wished for. to break the chains, is to go back to a stage in life in the Past and plan of this future you are living in. in short, you are time traveling all the time. is this stumbling upon...or a fluke?

just as india happening, america was a tall mountain i wanted to climb. in another history if I had the spirit to wade through my postgraduate studies i wanted to be a proper scientist there. but future histories are not so kind. one endeavor lost, opened windows to new pages in the book of careers.

from sungai petani to...a dream come true.

there must be hundreds of hardworking souls from this town i call 'the center of the universe' to work in silicon valley. but in my world this has been an amazing journey I had in a short couple years of doing what im doing now. me walking foreign lands is the greatest tribute i could give to the people who trusted in me. my capabilities and my results are from backbreaking work. in the chapters of my life that i lost so many other people with my blunt answers for their parents hopes and dreams too, i found a few good ones who actually saw something i had in me which could make a difference. i am defined these days as i should have always been. i had this coming. patience was another name for it.

let this great adventure be a tribute to everyone who had know me all this years. who had crossed paths with me. particularly my guides and friends and the ones who in all the troubles of present day economics still see a way to accommodate my services.

its a border-less world today, tomorrow it will be a single world. tomorrow the struggles to travel will be much less than yesterday. and from yesterday i am going to repeat this stories tomorrow of how a lost soul made it to one of the great epitomes of modern culture because through some leap forward he managed to get rid of his fear. it will be hard to make most understand, but it has not been easy being under-equipped yet being able to do something. for those who understands, thank you.

i owe it to you world.

//a few things to remember of achieving dreams, give yourself the credit that was meant to be. you deserve every bit of it. let the whole world look away, look down, you are still the winner. you are the master of this history you are building!


Aradhita said…
Just curious, do you work in the field of quantum theory/algorithms?
Ghost Particle said…
hey aradhita... no no. im a localization specialist.

:P... how did quantum theory and algorithms come about?

...btw i am a physics graduate :)
Aradhita said…
hehe, it's because I was having a conversation about QT just today, and then I saw your line about 'quantum entanglement' and I was wondering if you worked in the field or not :)
Jeevan said…
You deserve this quantum and dreams bro! I'm always proud of you and even say to others.

The last blue lines are so true and make me think awe...

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