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1000th post

some pics from my travels in sri rangam last year with hari, saravana and padhu. full gallery @flickr [ghost flickr]

ill start with paying tribute to the many fine souls who have taken this long 5 year journey with me. there was a moment in time this was a group blog. i have to thank vinitha and brian (wherever you are) for taking this ride and inspiring me. not forgetting the 2050 blog, which im still having hope of reviving some day. that was a fun ride and was from a moment everyone had a vision to share towards the future.

lets do something new for a change, lets walk the footsteps of others. we can make a difference.

//if my regular readers or anyone has something to share, please post the comments and leave a note that you want to be part of this running post. ill update it into the post. thank you.


tulipspeaks said…
1000th post!!
it's a milestone.
Aizwaikcha said…
kool congrats and
keep blogging to inspire many :)

it is a great thing to know and get inspired myself :D

Arv said…
Certainly a landmark dude.. Wishing you the best as always... keep penning :)
Mythily said…
Congrats GP... Blog more...
brocasarea said…
congrats!..this is really awesome..:)

one thng..keep blogging..u write wht u feel not wht others want which i really appreciate...:)
Kavi said…
As i said earler... 1000 posts is an awesome number.

Well...what is a 'running post' !?!
Ghost Particle said…
thank you everyone :)

@kavi a running post is like a running tab at a restaurant...keep adding on to it till we stop one day heheheheh....
Jeevan said…
I got a wonderful brother, because of this journey :)
starry said…
congrats on your 1000 th post.

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