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--|| Dark Resolutions ||--


totally forgot, its supposed to be dark resolutions!

(1) fight club. i think its going to be the year I finally send invitation letters to my enemies and start a fight club...where I bash them up. you know who you are! im going to beat the crap out of you, then tie you down till you are nearly dead and then pour salt water on your wounds. then let you live for another year. then ill restart it all over.

(2) street racing. Im up to this, i just need to make sure I dont kill anyone. and i want to do this without using brakes.

(3) build a giant rocket shooting firework. ive had this in my list for ages, i think this time I can afford it. and tie the damn thing on top of Indrans' car and ride through town shooting rockets. middle east hell yea!

(4) monthly booze motivation holiday trips. its langkawi and a bunch of indian guys willing do put their livers on the line of fire. its the ultimate cocktail swingers in action. its the great gp drunkfest!!! the january theme is bombay saphire on the rocks. there aint much cocktail ideas with this i guess... :|

(5) start my own ponzi scheme. i have awesome ideas for this. if all goes well, I can make atleast a million bucks by the end of the year and the disappear to some island and never come back. but why stop there! expand to other countries and recruit recruit recruit! get more of my posse in and we can all have money-orgies!

(the sweeter resolutions are below)

i have made new year resolutions previously, i have forgotten ive made them. i do not follow them, i rarely follow advice, my own even.

my resolution for this year (and many years to come) is:

money. to make money, more than ever. (repeat after me)... money = happiness. you just need to figure the right currency, then live through the ride. all is good.

to travel more. yes.

other resolutions, that might or might not work.

read more books. ive read 342 books between 2001 to 2004. ive read 12 books between 2005 till the end of 2009. i dont like this pattern, i still have books in their shrink wraps and 5 year old magazines in unopened envelopes!

watch more good movies. i actually watched 5 tamil movies on dvd in the past 3 days. thats the total ive watched in cinemas the whole of last year! i liked Ayan, Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru was good (and depressing for a single soul like me), rehashed varanam ayiram + kakka kakka + ghajini. need to get more anime and eng dvd's.

save money. rotfl.

buy a house. hmmmm...

see ya in 2011.
this in reply to Standby's post :)


Arv said…
Is this club open for membership? Am in :P
Ghost Particle said…
anytime bro :D
Standbymind said…
Bro - It was suppuse to be da dark ones!! :O
Standbymind said…
Woha man...some fantastic
ones u mentioned here...
haha..I like ur dark side
Nachi said…
hah! get in line mate. your 'dark resolutions' are like baby mash...we need to upgrade you!!


much love nevertheless, brah...
Ghost Particle said…
@standby thanks bro, im proud of myself :P

@nachiketanutty! how dare you?! it took me a good one hour to come up with the dark resolutions!
Kavi said…
buy a house...! hmmm indeed !


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