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eternal quest

so he began another day in his eternal quest for the restaurant at the end of the universe, perched high on a mountain, looking over rainbow toned fog invaded valleys and distant waterfalls swaying in slow motion, akin to satin shawls caressed by wind from shoulders of maidens in their own weekend dreams. and it repeats ad infinitum, for months.
and the days, when turning into night, just during the 5 minutes period when the mighty sol sets into the edge of water, the sea and waves appeared calm, reflecting an electric blue hue, with just a touch of orange sliver all the way from space to me, completing a magical evening dream.
back in time, thousands of revolutions around the sun, in the mighty jungles of panthers and headhunters, the roar of giant waterfalls from tepuis pricking the forever clouds of centuries of rain, he emerged stealthily, in his blue jeans, black t and a nikon. hunting.
first tonight, he has to sleep. to complete his current lucid, for he has stories to tell, too ma…

your audience

the web is saturated, sometimes its overwhelming to the point it makes you shut it off all together. but at most times you come back, with the hope of finding some changes. i guess web technologies will always evolve, many good things will materialize, but if you are expecting something towards a minimalistic appearance, catering just the things you need at any point of time, then the wait might never end. its always a cycle from free content towards monetizing it, and you are in the receiving end of ads and viral apps all thrown at you at light speed.

in the beginning when i started blogging, i was mad about everything on the web, i quoted a lot of other writings, poems and images. i still do this, but now I do it in facebook; that is one platform you can trash out stuff, and live to see it burn. people take what they want, and if they dont want it, they can ignore it, and you cant expect them to complain about it on facebook or twitter - these are just tools, you dont like it, you le…


sami hyypia
a true liverpool legend

hope one day he returns to liverpool fc

[#] sami played 464 games for lfc for 10 glorious years

getting up

there is something about falling down that is so painful that eventually you become numb of the pain. but there is no numbness when you get back up and finish your task. then we will see who made what mistake. celebrate now sinners, i know i will live to see the day of retribution.

reaching heavens

reaching heavens, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle. Do visit my Crissy Field collection@flickr. I really love this series of flower, birds, beach and magnificent vistas at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Thank you :)[+] Crissy Field

light voyagers

light voyagers, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle. lets sail the high seas!

(i agree, we need bigger boats)

what if we hit a sand bank? or a fog bank?

or a storm? or pirates?!

or crazy crew mates? hungry cannibalistic crews? seasick sailors?

do we bring pets too?

which sea do we start with?

do we need passports for every sea border we sail into?

(too many unknowns....)


the one bloom, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle.
the greatest thing to learn from our travels are the people we meet. they are bundles of great inspiration, energy and love. the nomads. I'm truly happy and honored to know each and everyone i met during this past two years who have for the good, shaped my career and life. in finding missing memories of the past that we find fluent futures built on the strongest foundations. rejoice in knowing that every step you take will eventually lead to new minds, and a land open vast and waiting to accept you.

for many tomorrows

(feeling blank for the past week or so. This poem is for Neyha, always remembered, love always)

Requiem for a Passing

Your words walk from land to land
Stories vibrate among friends who band
Images of lilies born and beautiful being faint
March streams washing pebbles sometimes quaint
Moist eyes leave behind sparks of life undone
Your shadow casts rain and painted sunshine
Ages crawl and disappear across worlds
Desert nomads journey spreading heralds
Lone bagpiper with a song in passing
On mountains shadowy angels amassing
Your touch reminds her of eras in gathering
Drummers with an anthem of pitiless feeling
Memories floats away with an unheard motivation
In majestic ships with sailormen since foundation
Miniature leaves descending from willows decaying
Your name written in destiny gradually parting
A silent mutiny yesterday being legendary
Among women and children building a majestic scenery
Jaded soldiers holding fallen enemies, blinded by human spirit
Tranquil seasons when you are born again in memori…