Wednesday, December 9

this marriage season

im being extra careful of this marriage season (this Indian marriage season). a close friend of mine got married, and which ultimately bringing the number of unmarried dudes in my circle to less than 5. dangerous times. thats not even scary, but considering a couple of my cousins will be married in the coming year, im practically walking the plank above the sea of marriage oblivion here.

im just wondering how many more years i can keep escaping this dicey issue, claiming of 'some plan I have to be successful in life' or 'my ultimate mission is to save the world'. they didn't buy it the first time, they never will. impending doom.


venus66 said...

Hi GP, how are you? Looks like you don't blog much nowadays.Hope you are doing good.

'Marriage'think of it when you are really ready.Perhaps "Time' is the answer for everything.Take care.

Cinderella said...

Impending doom? WTF!

Kavi said...

The water looks scary from the diving board. Once you dive in... well, you will swim !


brocasarea said...


Ghost Particle said...

[mary] hi...yes work has taken up too much time. coupled with ideas that just wont expand. i agree with you on 'marriage' :)

[cindy] yes yes, 2012 and all. marriages causes global warming.

[kavi] i hope to learn swimming quickly for maybe i wont want to jump at all if i dont find the calling :)

[brocasarea] bro, how r ya. been long. yes doom, its doom when u r at a certain age and it becomes too late :D

Princess said...

save the world mission eh!

pretty high hopes :P


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