Friday, December 11


rain awakens the most beautiful memories. walking under the tragically beautiful heavens. star systems untouchable, the aspirations of man dying prematurely not even crossing the graveyards surrounding our planets. and yet we are bathed in glass spheres from such magical flow of water.

rain was a time when, locked away in the many rooms across eons, i gazed through tiny holes in the walls hoping someday it will open for me to feel and walk in the mesmerizing new streams flowing in ether. from those tears reflected a lifetime, of watching you engrossed with fog, speckles of sun ray and decaying leaves deep in the forest where rain formed spectacular memories. we were prisoners of idealism, building utopia that in itself is imperfect when caressed by the rain.

i don't remember much of the bonfire we shared under the same stars we strewn across continents of life. there was the phone calls, the only connection for you to share the cold drizzles from my frame, droplets from sanctuary trees with its leaves forming fragile shelters. raindrop floating free in the vacuum of earth falling slower than the time you feel. your gaze towards me empty and disappearing into the fog. i was invisible to you. forces held together the melting rivers of time flowing around us yet not connecting. holding this world together rain was just never ending.

the one time i climbed into a droplet, floating up and eventually captured by wind currents hopping from clouds to the stratosphere. i found pockets of architectural wonder, of rain biomes within shelter leaves on many giant trees. edge cities float across the atmosphere each learning to capture the first drops of rain.

//rain. Such mystery.


venus66 said...

Beautiful write.

Kavi said...

When the rain falls, it wets all. In the heart, in the head and in the body.

Get drenched. It helps !


Ghost Particle said...

[mary] thank you :)

[kavi] thank you sir, thats a cool comment :D drenched ideas are beautiful :)

Princess said...

glass spheres.. - so beautifully said gp ;)

finally you are blogging to fulfill 1000 posts.. good.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny