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phases of time, decaying decades

there are many things interesting about evenings. sunsets touching the horizon and disappearing. providing beautiful perspectives laced with majestic colors. memories of photos, of revelry and sleeping. camping deep in the jungles, mountain scapes expanding all the way till tomorrow.

life taking a laid back course, winding down the road through valleys from emerging villages to bustling cities. yet the sun stays the same. evenings however, have changed phases. our lives have adapted to time shifts, we dont experience the same evenings as before. reading a book, walk to the dorm after class, running on infinity beaches. love. life aging in all directions, as mesmerizing sunrays paint the still skies long after the sun leaves our minds.

decades decay into memories, the mind tomorrow opens for younger days.

//we were young, I


Kavi said…
I wonder what we will be saying. Of the days that we live in now. Some time later !

Happy New Year my friend ! May dreams come true !
Cinderella said…
Decaying is a strong word, when you say decay you mean that your life wasted away.

Now you dont think that,do you?

I firmly believe life can never decay, no matter how bad it is the good things -irrespective of how far and fetched- always make it worthwhile. Always.

Happy beginning of a new decade bhai. May all the good things that have taken so long to arrive to you finally reach your salient soul.

brocasarea said…
happy new yr...:)
Jeevan said…
beautiful phase of tomorrow! its young like us :)
Arv said…
Those were the days...
Those would be the days...
Again... :)
Ghost Particle said…
@kavi indeed the future will be very interesting :) happy new year sir, may dreams come true.

@girl its more of decaying of time. what we lived and love will remain accomplished forever :)

happy new year and a new beginning to a new decade girl :)

@brocasarea happy new year bro

@jeevan a great thought nanba :)

@arv indeed too :)

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