Friday, December 11

in being you, me

paths are confusing, the ripples of the previous moment running through my mind. its actually an observation that fails to satisfy the urge of time. sometimes we feel that we are standing outside our mind and observing events unravel. broken gazes, shattered connections from teary eyes. the feeling of deep sorrow, and days and days of reflection which turns into compassion for people we would never meet again. broken timelines long our journey.

our journey through life are along mirror walled paths. however we want to be the observer in turn we are observing ourselves. not the thought projecting to be the actions of others, but just the others living our lives. and us of their life and times. during some fractions of the flow, time bends and entangles our walk and weakens our focus. there we are made to choose a new path. we wish for enduring spirit at those times, we wish for familiar faces and most importantly we wish for guidance.

believing in your spirit will guide you through the new paths. there will be momentary lapses, a broken wing and great falls. we walk on. enduring the winter, through all the seasons of time. these are stories i write for myself, for future times.


venus66 said...

We learn a lot of things through experiences.Experience is a good teacher.Take care, Siva.

Princess said...

writing for yourself is more intimate than writing for others :D

Mythily said...

Dont make others to live your life...


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny