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endurance, legacy

make it your mission to help the confused and lost souls. you have the ability to pass your wisdom and maturity to bring up such souls. they have huge capabilities. don't see them fail. if your heart tells you its the right thing, spend a little time and show some doors to them. tell them of the opportunity. give them the benefit of a doubt. you get to learn from them too. help them make some choices, listen to them. create some clarity, break away their confusion. its a dark, depressing cloud that suffocates them of life.

the soul is all about endurance. you have came this far because you have endured and lived your cause. the path is long, tomorrow is new day. a clean slate for ideas, passion and action. don't limit your life because someone asked you to live for yourself. there is a moral demand in you to help others achieve their dream. this is not a strangling demand stripping you off your choice of life. this is the moral rights of being human. you grow up watching your circle expand, and you gain wisdom being creators along your path of endurance.

when the time comes, you will know who to help and how to help. your view of life and how you build your days will ensure you see the ones who needs a hand.

leave a legacy. don't live for anything less than that.


Archikins said…
GP, very thought provoking, well said.
Kavi said…
Well said ! I am reading an HBR article titled 'Success that lasts'. Google it...

Legacy is a key ingredient there ! Keep it going GP
Princess said…
beautiful for urself will never make you a legend.
Princess said…
havem't you reached 1000 posts yet?
Mythily said…
Thoughtfull post! Its difficult to know whom to help and how to help... Good one GP :)
brocasarea said…
true!!...liked it:)
Jeevan said…
it causes positive thoughts bro, helping others stops us from being selfish. we grow through society and we need to do something for it.
Standbymind said…
Yes man - You are so right!

We all gotta do that!
Ghost Particle said…
thank you guys :)

@arch thank you

@kavi sir, googled it. excellent article :)

@aiz we are what the other are. thank you :) and will reach soon...

@vani thanks vani :)

@brocasarea thank you bro :)

@jeevan thank you nanba, and you are right, we must be there for each other.

@standby thank you bro :) and definitely yes.

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