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the emptiness of departure

i was trying to attribute his words to where i stand in his life. some strange force brought us together, i was taking it as a mission to save people. to show others the proper way forward. we did all we can for the ones close to us. but in my mind, there is always him to save. its the urgency of life. there is an idea, the will and resources but there are no doors to reach. no even vague signals. this is a recent thing, this feeling of emptiness. its coming early in my 4th decade of life.

as i see it, i didn't have to find him. but i did. and all of us tried something to make his pain lesser. and he said today, we think the same thing and we want to do the same to everyone else. he works beyond his pain for others. but his life now is measured. i dont think him leaving will be a peaceful departure. it will always appear in my mind as a failure even when there are thousands out there with the same ailment who have been saved and are living beyond their time. whats worst is imagining the ones he loves. whats worst is the ones depending on him for guidance.

//the emptiness of departure


Arv said…
There is still time bro... I will always pray for a miracle even in this wretched world... Hope and Belief combined with genuine efforts of people like can still create magic...

Keep the hope alive bro... for you, him and all of us here in blogsville...
Donnw/2nz said…
In the next 20 years almost a quarter of our population will be 60 or older! This is startling because for most of our existance the average human lived about 25 we are going waaaaay over the specs.

One thing that I always think about is that during those 25 years most of us had a purpose..find food and shelter every day, don't get eaten or speared by other humans, and makin' babies!

Thanks to advances in science, by 1800, there were 1 billion of us...but the chances of living to 60 were still slim..that's why the Kaiser chose 65 for a retiring...they laughed pffft 65?

We will be forced to make some huge ethical decisions in the next while. I joke about there being drive-thru Euthenasia stores in the West but soon it certainly won't be taboo to voluntarily end your life.

See you really got me thinking Ghostay...good stuff!
Princess said…
dunno whom to blame!
still hope is there as a lighthouse

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