Friday, December 11

december, december

still buried in, reading all my past december posts. amazing stuff. i guess december and september will always be my favorite months. september has always been about the beginning of everything. i have always kept the important decisions to be made and walked in this month. important events, junctures faced, journeys started and ended in september. i was born in september.

december in the other hand is a magical. schools holidays are always the best in december. the greatest adventures in growing up happened then, the travels to faraway relative's, the hiking and camping with my school scouts troop and the eventual december breaks at universities that fast signaled my unwillingness to return home for holidays anymore. decembers was when the past crumbled slowly, making way to clean slates, to the stronger self.

december was also when love was found and lost.


venus66 said...

Nice post.
Memories are to be treasured.

Aradhita said...

December and September will be my favorite months too.
Life began in december, things went my way in december, got jobs in december. I was born in Dec.
On the other hand, my love happened in Sept...he was born in Sept :)

Ghost Particle said...

[mary] thank you :)

[aradhita] lovely months both of them are :), nice to hear your events in it, life and love. kinda forms a nice axis both of it.

i cant get into your blog...invite only. thank you for the comment :)

Aradhita said...

hope you got my invite. Sorry about the privacy thing...

Princess said...

sweet November maari dear December and splendid September eh!



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