Monday, December 28

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for a movie as epic as this, failure to look away from its smaller moments causes bad reviews and uncalled for critical analysis. for the rest of us, we do see the bigger picture and we do enjoy good movies like this. we are enjoying a culture that defines human life.

it takes alot of guts for directors such as cameron, nolan or tarantino to move away from what traditional movie making is all about. if hollywood had a formula, similar to what some claim of indian movies, then that formula is reinvented every-year. these directors do not share the same philosophy, but they do stand by their creations. they dont have to be democratic. they are not the new steven spielberg or what has become of him.

moviegoers today are looking for a simple non-attached viewing experience. they do not want to be chained, they dont need to be forced to regret. they hope for an event in their life. they would want to watch a movie that can be a part of their life, just as the 2 hours spent in the theater is also a part of their life.

go watch good movies, its easy to know which :) go watch movies of your favorite actors, directors. dont read reviews even if its a 140 word twitter review.


Kavi said...

It sure takes a lorry load of guts ! it sure does !

People can say anything. A better mousetrap is still a better mousetrap !


Cinderella said...

I like this. Whoever thinks critics or movie reviewers are some kinda experts and their advice is smth to be abided by, is shitting himself.

At the end of the day, if you wanna see movie see a movie. Like it or hate it is an adage you should allow yourself to give.

The whole oscar fare is standing epitome to how stupid the entire crtic business is. I for myself have not been able to understand how they work. They gave Kate Winslet the oscar for that?!! Beats me why.

And about Indian film making, when Indians are banging there heads about who the hell the real king is of "Bollywood" SRK or Aamir, there s lotta growing up to do to even gather the guts to think of doing what Cameron did.

Nachi said...

yes, Nolan...i once again watched 'The Dark Knight' yesterday. i think i am addicted to that movie, OR to the Joker to be more precise. never before has anyone brought to life my favorite comic-book villain as in that movie. its beautiful, i tell you!

boo ya critics...


brocasarea said...

watch 2idiots man...u will surely like it!

Donnw/2nz said...

I'm going to see it on New Year's Eve..I thought that would be great way to open the next decade.

I always like to ask critics how many movies they have made..only other directors should write reviews because they KNOW what they're talking about.

joaninha said...

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