Wednesday, December 30

phases of time, decaying decades

there are many things interesting about evenings. sunsets touching the horizon and disappearing. providing beautiful perspectives laced with majestic colors. memories of photos, of revelry and sleeping. camping deep in the jungles, mountain scapes expanding all the way till tomorrow.

life taking a laid back course, winding down the road through valleys from emerging villages to bustling cities. yet the sun stays the same. evenings however, have changed phases. our lives have adapted to time shifts, we dont experience the same evenings as before. reading a book, walk to the dorm after class, running on infinity beaches. love. life aging in all directions, as mesmerizing sunrays paint the still skies long after the sun leaves our minds.

decades decay into memories, the mind tomorrow opens for younger days.

//we were young, I

Monday, December 28

avatar, and some

for a movie as epic as this, failure to look away from its smaller moments causes bad reviews and uncalled for critical analysis. for the rest of us, we do see the bigger picture and we do enjoy good movies like this. we are enjoying a culture that defines human life.

it takes alot of guts for directors such as cameron, nolan or tarantino to move away from what traditional movie making is all about. if hollywood had a formula, similar to what some claim of indian movies, then that formula is reinvented every-year. these directors do not share the same philosophy, but they do stand by their creations. they dont have to be democratic. they are not the new steven spielberg or what has become of him.

moviegoers today are looking for a simple non-attached viewing experience. they do not want to be chained, they dont need to be forced to regret. they hope for an event in their life. they would want to watch a movie that can be a part of their life, just as the 2 hours spent in the theater is also a part of their life.

go watch good movies, its easy to know which :) go watch movies of your favorite actors, directors. dont read reviews even if its a 140 word twitter review.

Monday, December 21

Thursday, December 17

endurance, legacy

make it your mission to help the confused and lost souls. you have the ability to pass your wisdom and maturity to bring up such souls. they have huge capabilities. don't see them fail. if your heart tells you its the right thing, spend a little time and show some doors to them. tell them of the opportunity. give them the benefit of a doubt. you get to learn from them too. help them make some choices, listen to them. create some clarity, break away their confusion. its a dark, depressing cloud that suffocates them of life.

the soul is all about endurance. you have came this far because you have endured and lived your cause. the path is long, tomorrow is new day. a clean slate for ideas, passion and action. don't limit your life because someone asked you to live for yourself. there is a moral demand in you to help others achieve their dream. this is not a strangling demand stripping you off your choice of life. this is the moral rights of being human. you grow up watching your circle expand, and you gain wisdom being creators along your path of endurance.

when the time comes, you will know who to help and how to help. your view of life and how you build your days will ensure you see the ones who needs a hand.

leave a legacy. don't live for anything less than that.


i kinda have figured out why im being groggy and angry for the past few weeks. i haven't been going out much. i haven't actually seen a proper sunrise or sunset for so long (the only one was during the drive to the engagement). been literally working from midnight to midnight and sleeping at the wrong hours. just a couple minutes watching the evening sky yesterday cleared the much saturated mind.

there is definitely a deeper connection towards the sun than simply the rays. maybe we are indeed part of a bigger, grander tapestry than the religious foraging of documents and acknowledgement machine we have become.

in a couple a years when i analyze is all this insane work worth it, ill come back to this post.

Friday, December 11


rain awakens the most beautiful memories. walking under the tragically beautiful heavens. star systems untouchable, the aspirations of man dying prematurely not even crossing the graveyards surrounding our planets. and yet we are bathed in glass spheres from such magical flow of water.

rain was a time when, locked away in the many rooms across eons, i gazed through tiny holes in the walls hoping someday it will open for me to feel and walk in the mesmerizing new streams flowing in ether. from those tears reflected a lifetime, of watching you engrossed with fog, speckles of sun ray and decaying leaves deep in the forest where rain formed spectacular memories. we were prisoners of idealism, building utopia that in itself is imperfect when caressed by the rain.

i don't remember much of the bonfire we shared under the same stars we strewn across continents of life. there was the phone calls, the only connection for you to share the cold drizzles from my frame, droplets from sanctuary trees with its leaves forming fragile shelters. raindrop floating free in the vacuum of earth falling slower than the time you feel. your gaze towards me empty and disappearing into the fog. i was invisible to you. forces held together the melting rivers of time flowing around us yet not connecting. holding this world together rain was just never ending.

the one time i climbed into a droplet, floating up and eventually captured by wind currents hopping from clouds to the stratosphere. i found pockets of architectural wonder, of rain biomes within shelter leaves on many giant trees. edge cities float across the atmosphere each learning to capture the first drops of rain.

//rain. Such mystery.

in being you, me

paths are confusing, the ripples of the previous moment running through my mind. its actually an observation that fails to satisfy the urge of time. sometimes we feel that we are standing outside our mind and observing events unravel. broken gazes, shattered connections from teary eyes. the feeling of deep sorrow, and days and days of reflection which turns into compassion for people we would never meet again. broken timelines long our journey.

our journey through life are along mirror walled paths. however we want to be the observer in turn we are observing ourselves. not the thought projecting to be the actions of others, but just the others living our lives. and us of their life and times. during some fractions of the flow, time bends and entangles our walk and weakens our focus. there we are made to choose a new path. we wish for enduring spirit at those times, we wish for familiar faces and most importantly we wish for guidance.

believing in your spirit will guide you through the new paths. there will be momentary lapses, a broken wing and great falls. we walk on. enduring the winter, through all the seasons of time. these are stories i write for myself, for future times.

december, december

still buried in, reading all my past december posts. amazing stuff. i guess december and september will always be my favorite months. september has always been about the beginning of everything. i have always kept the important decisions to be made and walked in this month. important events, junctures faced, journeys started and ended in september. i was born in september.

december in the other hand is a magical. schools holidays are always the best in december. the greatest adventures in growing up happened then, the travels to faraway relative's, the hiking and camping with my school scouts troop and the eventual december breaks at universities that fast signaled my unwillingness to return home for holidays anymore. decembers was when the past crumbled slowly, making way to clean slates, to the stronger self.

december was also when love was found and lost.

Wednesday, December 9

this marriage season

im being extra careful of this marriage season (this Indian marriage season). a close friend of mine got married, and which ultimately bringing the number of unmarried dudes in my circle to less than 5. dangerous times. thats not even scary, but considering a couple of my cousins will be married in the coming year, im practically walking the plank above the sea of marriage oblivion here.

im just wondering how many more years i can keep escaping this dicey issue, claiming of 'some plan I have to be successful in life' or 'my ultimate mission is to save the world'. they didn't buy it the first time, they never will. impending doom.

Tuesday, December 8

crossing old bridges

i've been reading through my past posts in anticipation of reaching a milestone in the weeks to come. reading old posts brings back good memories and at the same time clearly defines the linguistic hurdles that we sometime work past in our writings. basically put, the english have improve tremendously, but the flow suffered. ideas seemed to be much more fluent before, and engaging.

the good thing about broken flow in today's posts is that we let the readers expand the ideas themselves. each sentence has the potential to spawn greater depth, spiral into greater complexity or just present the qualities needed to branch of new schools of thought.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny