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by definition// who are we? we are city jumpers. we live in the shadow worlds, in-between our yesterday and our today. and for months we roam the masses for emotions and relations wishing for minimalistic colors, of duo-tone clothes, and contemporary architecture. our cities are strewn with broken materials. leaking roofs, rubbish and fallen monuments. we are reverse engineering the future. we are seeing the past as we move forward. this is the year 2009.

new worlds, cities and beyond. an informal meeting of old friends, old stories, old cities, old ideas. so we were driving back in memories along the same path to reach this new city. that we left 20 years ago and imagining how it all would have changed. we find this new buildings and facades and cascading fountains and led lights and floating ad boards and nestled in all this electronics are those old streets and stores and restaurants and your barber shop. so he asked what does it all mean? is this really 2020?

defining moments, who we are. we are creators of this century old cities, and then we tweak and turn things to make the engines work churning out millions of new stories each day so that those new souls can remember what is the past while contributing just as we did to the future and all the while sitting along the seashores watching the waves hit and carry away tiny pebbles one by one. then finally one day the dream ends. we did not age, the cities crumble, the future just decays one particle at a time.

//finding meaning for the existence. part one.


Jeevan said…
Interesting read bro! In mean of city developing we are spreading the destruction.
Kavi said…
City jumpers ! Well...well...well !

Well..trawlers i would say. City trawlers !
venus66 said…
I am with Jeevan.
Take care.
Miladysa said…
LOVED this Ghosty!

Fantastic imagery!

"city jumpers"

"old stories, old cities, old ideas"

& the kick at the end:

"the future just decays one particle at a time."

More please :)
Princess said…
brilliant usage of words and the city it builds ends with the same words at the end.

finally you decided to blog for a while! good.

Gita Madhu said…
"the future just decays one particle at a time"
An almost aura of decadence which nevertheless in true bold strokes of a Marvel Comic scenario streaks the life blood of conciousness into the reader
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] glad you understood it, we are walking backwards into the future. :0

[kavi] trawlers sir? as in we are pulling the rubles to the future too, as we forge forward :)

[mary] thank you :)

[milady] im happy you liked it Milady, more will come :) thank you.

[aiz] thank you, yes am back for good. :)

[gita] thank you Gita :) i am hoping for a conscious symbiosis of us with the city. the immediate city, the past towns and the future deserts.

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