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a return to (the) movies

the process of watching a movie is challenged tremendously when you are abnormally attracted to a single character, no matter if they're the main focus, or just the supporting cast. the process eventually gets too comfortable when you identify with a character. the medium and liberation of complexities of movie making, when translated into an art house minimalistic marvel is a beautiful product. wash away the colors of materials, construct light created architecture, render nights during day. focus on the face and eyes. play with music as if the music itself builds the image cells. movies are beautiful when made with the right ensemble of life.

[i loved Darren Aronofsky's PI]


Nachi said…
you know brah, you should really stop fantasizing yourself as Rambo/Willy Wonka!! a combination of the two?? well that would be interesting indeed...


..posting after a long time i see. guess "life" just got hold of us, eh...
Nahuatl said…
U know.. i'm enjoying hyderabadi movies nowadays.. the hindi they speak is damn funny. the slangs.. man! they r hilarious!

but not many ppl will understand the review of such movie :)

i m learning how they speak in old city areas :D hehehehe
Miladysa said…
Was this a human or ghost character? *!*
Princess said…
i thought u were abt to say about 'this is it' the movie ;)

movies do have a charm when made with the right cast on a right plot with some gr8 music.

venus66 said…
Hi, how are you? Sorry, been along time since I visited you.Good luck in whatever you do.God Bless.

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