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rarity of reasons

daybreak. as we drove along the winding mountain road and the fog played for as long as we wished for. i tried to find connections for those moments, and the past i always loved to look and dream of. life strangles every last breath of history. many chapters have eroded into some heaven locked away with synapses severed.

the decline of reasons. i look back to find my mistakes. i could not solve it for it has happened. solving it would not absolve the future either.

finding reasons. so we were there sitting along the banks of the mighty river, in a distance the thundering fall echoes a deep yet melodious vibration. mingling with the lights of fireflies and sounds of fog brushing and caressing dew drops. around us meadows with blue flowers, and when morning comes it turns white. many reasons are always there, even before events unravel.

the rarity of reasons. for some moments in time we loose every causal link to the past and future. those moments bring no reason, it must have some but it doesn't have to be there. beautiful moments. during this moments of rarity, we just live freely, wandering and wondering about this big bold world. a beautiful colorful tapestry, during every morning and a cool night during every sunset. it comes and it leaves, leaving traces unsatisfactory. when the age ends, we scramble and scrape every existence out there to bring out the sight and sound and smell of lost memories to live it one more season.

seasons, rarity of reasons


Gita Madhu said…
And yet how the mind struggles to find reasons.
It was very intense for me to read this as I lost my beloved Molly this past Saturday. And so and because of the terrible way she had to struggle through the last night and one more thing that happened then my thoughts race across the creased landscape of the mind-brain, panting and seeking futilely for reasons.
Yet I also remember how when my son was a little boy and asked for something my husband would sometimes tease him by saying :"Giv e me one good reason why I should give it to you.
And the little fellow would begin to cry for raisins -he confused the two!
venus66 said…
There are reasons for everything that happens but most of the times we don't know the reasons.Only the one above knows. We plan things but only the almighty decides.
A very touching post from you. Hope you are doing good there. Take care.
Kavi said…
There is just no reason for various reasons. And the reasons sometimes are beyond logic and rationale !

When they are so, they look less of reason.
Nahuatl said…
This website, bro, is my escape :)
Miladysa said…
"mingling with the lights of fireflies and sounds of fog brushing and caressing dew drops"

Excellent! Wish they had been my words :)
Jeevan said…
hum... something rare. sometime more than finding reason why, we have to accept the wonder!
Being Me said…
very touching,... and beautiful
'for some moments in time we loose every causal link to the past and future. those moments bring no reason' - sometimes it's best just to be in the Now.

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