Sunday, September 13

eternity shores

they sat there by the shores, looking up at the majestic nebula painted skies. life has led them wandering over many worlds, searching through time and many creations. colonies of humans set forth to every corner of the galaxy building new empires dreaming of everlasting civilizations. future histories written and for time eternity not shared among us, humans. life has found new shores, the heart remain lost. solitude cities bathed by ancient photons in many new solar systems, neon streets connecting pockets of hungry minds. great archeological discoveries litter the galactic museums, given prominence standing among earths greatest treasures. we still marvel this great universe, leaping from one insignificant time point to another. hungry and unsatisfied.

and the question remains, where are they, the ancient gods.

[strange symmetries]


venus66 said...

Hi, how are you? Thought provoking post.
Something to ponder. Thank you.

Archikins said...

GP, you are like a sufi saint... one feels like just sitting by listening to you rattle away, as the words you utter give a voice to ones own deep unspoken thoughts.

Kavi said...

the question remains. for the answer was given.

They were there. they are there. And they will be !


Mythily said...

Ancient Gods are in ancient times...

Jeevan said...

we see strange worlds through u and u always create interest on universe. deep indeed bro.

Standbymind said...

I guess they are there!!!

Miladysa said...

Perhaps in the flowers?

Donn w/2 Ns said...

We are all made of Stars!

I would suggest to you that we should abandon waiting for them because they are waiting for us to eliminate ourselves and save them the trouble.

If they are hiding amongst us they are doing a great job.

Ghost Particle said...

[mary] im doing cool. thanks. and thanks for the comment :)

[arch] big words madam :) thank you very much. im trying to connect many dots, to see the future :)

[kavi] now, that is something to think about sir. interesting enough, its us who bothers to over-analyze them, but then they were always here, and we are just passing gods. thx :)

[mythily] and we leave them forever? :P :)

[jeevan] thx bro, im happy to bring you new worlds :) something we share, something that might be true.

[standby] they must be...i pray and hope :)

[milady] perhaps, perhaps smiling at us from there. the dews on the flo. thanks milady...HUGS!

Ghost Particle said...

[donn] they are hiding for fear of humans :D that im sure of. we scare the heavens out of them :P

its like pushing the reset button right? eternity at a time.

thx bro :)


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