Monday, August 3

the walks

i have walked so far, i don't feel like stopping at all
the nomad lives on, in many memories


Nachi said...

"i'm walking away...from the troubles in my life...i'm walking away"

was tuned in to Craig David and now this...brah! i feel ya. no time to stop. we must go on. always. nomads.


Kavi said...

Nomads have been explorers of some sort. and have rebelled against status quo.

Plough on ! Plough on ! Fellow nomad. Plough on !


Jeevan said...

Don't stop bro, there's infinity universe!

brocasarea said...

happy friendship day:)

d gypsy! said...

do they?

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] brah, may we cross paths many times, on the trails to the end of the universe :)

[kavi] thank you sir, definitely the train needs to go on, we and you and others, everyone who shares the spirit of life :)

[jeevan] thank you brother, for always being there inspiring me and all of us :)

[brocasarea] happy friendship day bro :)

[neha] neha, i think i follow your question, i can answer by saying... yes nomads live on maybe forever, but in memories they might not all the time :)


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