Tuesday, August 11

uravugal thodarkathai

my take on it,
life is made of never ending stories of finding, living, misplacing and loosing love.

[#] Uravugal Thodarkhatai is a timeless masterpiece by Raja, was telling a friend today that i want this as my death song :) probably the people then would surmise my life accordingly.


Nahuatl said...

losing love??

u crackhead! grandad of dinosaur! if u tell me tht u r cracking pot of love.. i'll freakin' kill u.

u get a grip.. ok?

Ghost Particle said...

and that was the shortest duration of a blog post before it gets trashed. :P

LOL bro, it was an emo moment. :(

Kavi said...

Am glad that i read the comment too. That it was a one off moment.

And btw, today morning was listening to the song. And wondering how uravu is formed !


brocasarea said...

philo uh?....looks like ur gaining wisdom!:)

Nachi said...

do i need to comment on this??

...i'd rather just come over and whack off your crack-addicted head from the rest of you!

requiem for you, bull****! what you need is a Britney Spears ovation...

Nahuatl said...

Its alright man.. I understand.

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] a good thought indeed sir, how is relationships formed, what is the strange chemistry in all this.

yeh its one off, those weird retrospective moments :)

[brocasarea] thanks bro :P

[naci] urgh, shadap. im entitled to my emo moments from time to time. flue man. :P

[nayan] Hugs bro. all well ends well.


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