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something from the roads

returning to the same places a few times in our lifetime makes us brand new. at many times emanating a kind of energy that creates new universes of warmth and familiarity. knowing you belong there, however alien the people be, you know you belong there. let it be for only a second of the lifetime in cosmic perspective. life was there then.

and you sit there at the side of the road looking at them walk by along with time. you look down at their footprints, and all you see is your past walks.

and when the next city comes 10000 miles after, you see a whole new existence. erasing the past days and from the fractured time lines you pick the sharpest shards to carve out new footprints.

you create the paths, you walk on it and it goes on. for the many cities in that million year journey, the many miles in a godless universe. you only see things that brings awe.

writing a thesis on the life of a time traveler.



omg omg omg How I missed you!! have been missing your poetry like anything..

i am back to blogging now..and i truly hope that you havent forgotten me..

Big hug,
Kajal/The Pink Orchid
read this
to know where I went..

and old friend orders- follow the blog and stay around!! :D
Jeevan said…
Drawing in a paper is easy and it’s not easy craving on a rock! We never know who craved the path, but we use it by making certain surface and draw lines like drawing in a paper.
Kavi said…
"returning to the same places a few times in our lifetime makes us brand new."

I liked that the most. For i have always thought that discovering new places gets us a 'brand new' idea.

But you are very right. Getting back to what you saw, and looking at it with fresh eyes, makes a ton of a difference !!

Lovely. As usual !

rahul said…
really lovely lines

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