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pacific crest trail

pct trail, at 8000 feet, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle.

hiked the pacific crest trail today, its one of the national scenic trails in California. Jim and I started at 7000 feet elevation, the hike is for about 10 miles and the highest point is 8950 feet right before the end. It took me about 6 hours to complete the 10 miles hike, Jim was of course an expert on the trails and ended up about half an hour before me :)

The total length of the PCT is 2650 miles with snow covered mountains during winter, and generally a pleasant and beautiful hiking trails during normal season. Beautiful wildflowers, blue skies and the occasional bears and mountain lions (which we most probably wont ever see during daytime).

was dreaming for so long on doing the Appalachian trails, the PCT is a dream come true, thanks to Jim :)


Kavi said…
Thats is simply awesome. You must be a fit dude to do that ! I wonder if i would be able to do half of that !!

Phew !!

Glad to know that you are climbing the real mountains at that ! Thats so very fantastic !!

Cinderella. said…
@ Kavi : Fit dude ??! LOL. Guess since you havent met him in person n all, that notion makes sense !!

Plus the sole reason he'd have treaded all that way was just so he could get some amazing clicks like the one he's put up...nothing else !!

YOu can ask him if you want.
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] thank you sir. u can sir, the trails are not very heavy :)

[bunny] thank you for being the supportive sister. thank you. grrrr i was fit the 2nd and 3rd time i met you. dumbo.
Jeevan said…
must be an unforgettable experience for you sure. this remind me your past stores and dreams, have fun and take care. hugs
brocasarea said…
wow....i cant even dream of doing it...capture the moment!!>..

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