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weird day

woke up at 3 am feeling totally out of place. nightmares again, people offering me jobs, standing at the cashier counter, walking the piers, wtf moments. and all this in my dream! so what actually freaked me out was that when I woke up, all the doors in the room was open, the closet, the bedroom door, etc. no one broke in, but i felt it in my sleep that something was going on in the room. the first thing i did after waking up was to get my laptops and place it on the bed with me. forgetting even to check my passport and wallet...sigh.

im not sure if some ghost has been following me around in this trip, or was it the same one thats been following me a decade now. crazy stuff i tell you. not a moment passes that i feel 'not alone' wherever i go. try figuring that out.


Kavi said… up with you GP !!?

And i have been trying to exorcise all the ghosts of my pasts....

Jeevan said…
That’s good for you, and I mean not the dream, but the time you spend to sleep :)

Who can follow a ghost, if not another ghost? hehe...
hrodebert said…
methinks jeevan's right. maybe your ghosts are following each other in a big druid-like circle walk in the night.
Donn said…
The GHOSTS are trapped in the machines and they cannot escape or physically harm you ..
but they can interfere with your cosmic "vibe"

I just made that up :) I've read that our brains don't have a junk folder so at night they have to sort through all of the crap that we put in there...
dreams are what we see when the hard drive is getting scrubbed.

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