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small boundaries/ layers of our worlds

i always wanted to know this, what do you do with your surroundings? rather, what do you do in your surroundings, your city, school, house, even life. do you explore it in tiny circles that grow bigger, maybe like peeling an onion do you slowly peel the layers of your environment and discover many magical things a day at a time. do you do the same at places you travel to, for work or study.

and when the layers end, and the circle's big enough to cover your immediate reach, how do you retrace back the magic, the warmth and security that those past circles provide. its not about finding humans, its about finding certain assurance when we peek into the corner and find a new world. each time.

its a nice feeling :)

so, tell me how do you live your surroundings, your worlds?


Kavi said…
I wonder what metaphor i can give ! I just live. With great curiosity and wonderment at the small things. And in that small things,i often find that there is great joy.

And those small things stay with you.... ( and sometimes find their way to the blog )..

And i have since approached all of life as this : that there is a certain loveliness that can be experienced !

Jeevan said…
I live! Only two hands could clap and with one had we can only say hi and bye... and most of the time it was the communication in apartments. Sometime if express our kind and thoughts with surrounding, we keep stay but people move on. I see so many things within small boundary, but what many can’t peek gets me more sense.

Have a nice weekend bro, keep away sometime the work and enjoy the smallest into extensive around u :)
Nahuatl said…
aware and somewhat concerned.
I know now how I exist. :)

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