Tuesday, July 7

of many things

something about getting older makes you realize that the world is never in pace with you. provided we have in some ways tried to keep pace with the dynamics of humanity, we might have arrived in/ to the future. but then, try however we might, we are always left behind in this game. the world is either too in front of you tomorrow morning, or have stopped catching up with you.

life is full of heartbreaks, just like how we lost yesterday, how we are loosing today. we simply have to live that many days more.

the beauty of working, is the satisfaction that we are doing something more that not doing anything. the happiness is in watching others be happy and proud for us, at us, about us.

always respect, accept and acknowledge those who try. there are shoes, we can never fit in. then there are false shoes, that never exist. but for those who try, and try, and fail and try with tears and blood, their steps make deep impressions on their experience and ours. appreciate their lives. pull someone up. even if it means stopping for a while.

on being honest. we have choices, and that involves removing people who slow you down, or whom tries to stop you. these people are not honest about their lives, nor will they ever be about ours. dont waste time on them. just leave them. if your move is clear, you would know who to leave, who not to. after all, there are only so many tomorrows, and only a lifetime to live and celebrate.

~of love. never give up :)


Kavi said...

Nice to have you write ! And yes, we dont give up when it comes to love. And also important is being honest. With oneself. Especially because its about choices !


Live life kingsize mate. As you say, its just one life.

Cinderella. said...

Wonderful write up bhai !

Heartbreaks - work - expectations - unfulfillments - tomoros - bygones....at the end of the day it always looks like it was worth it, doesnt it ?

Loved it, where you said, "pull someone up, evin if it means stopping for a while."

beautiful !

d gypsy! said...

i think

i needed that post... thanks for writing it..gives me hope, gives me a lot more than hope...


Ramses said...


brocasarea said...

at the right time...needed some one to pump me up after my med postings...thanks..happy weekend:)

venus66 said...

Nice post. Been a long time since I visited you. Hope you are doing good. Take care.

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] thx sir.
definitely worth doing everything we desire when life is just one. i am hoping to live kingsize...lets see...

[girl] ...at the end of the day everything just calms down. when the sun sets, and the even sky glows warmly, before cool desert winds seep in, everything is justified :)

[neha] thx neha, always have faith in everything you do, the pain will go away and the paths to achieving the desires will be beautiful. we inspire each other. :)

[rams] hmmm. :) thx.

[broca] happy weekend bro, only a weekend too late i wished. but hope all ur weekends r cool. anytime, thx :)

[mary] thank you, been long. sorry for not commenting n stuff, i use the reader...all things at one place :D

hope u r doing ok. tc.

venus66 said...

I am doing good my fren. Hope you too.Thank you for your visit. Take care.

Jeevan said...

This write up shows courage being honest and working something than doing nothing. There are so many tomorrows to live today :)


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