Thursday, July 23

new life philosophies

disregard of life's pain, the moment's destruction of any sanity in this world, disregard of anything, what keeps us going? i guess its work, even in grave problems we only manage to wake up another day because we are indebted with work to others. no man is a boss to any work he does, in my experience no matter how independent we choose to be, there are always people who will criticize, review, dissect and be the new boss of our work. hence, in this whole chaotic, fragmented existence that marks the adult life of many of us, the salvation to a calmer life comes from struggle and sacrifice. and to borrow from orkut; 'Toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other...'. everything's in there, you can make it happen. sometimes it takes some maturity, less fear, an open mind and a clear sky to just make it happen. ill live with this philosophy today.


Kavi said...

ofcourse there will be people who will dissect out have a few words to say about anything you do. Including work !

If you give them and their words credence, ofcourse they will rule. If you dont..well..there is choice !

Thats my 'now' philosophy for you !


d gypsy! said...

i think , i feel works keep me sane at insane times... only work....thats ol i gotta say

Nachi said...

its hope that keeps us going brah! not is but a mere tool that we wield to our final purposes...

at the end of the day, i guess only you shall know what it is that keeps you going, working, living. don't ask me! :D

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] do we have a choice then to set our own rules and yet not being suppressed by their seniority, influence and pure presence?

i like your 'now' philosophy

[neha] i understand, here too its work that provides the escape i need from an increasingly 'abusive' world.

but then like kavi says, maybe there are options, always.

hope ur ok now, :)

[nachi] but when we have hope, it doesnt connect, the hope dies with us because what we are hoping for hopes for something else.

its complex, but the answer lies in us, u r right :)


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