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a few more steps

this time i got myself to stop advising myself. like the stuff you tell to assure yourself things are right or wrong, on whether its going to be ok and all. nope, that doesn't work in the long run. leaders dont advice themselves. the world never did so too. there is this clean slate every morning for us to walk on, capture, paint, sing to, work on, paste the lives of others. im going to try that from now on.

on other steps; i made a pact with a buddy of mine that if i ever get tired of life or whatever im doing, im just going to backpack and roam the world. its possible, cant make everyone happy all the time. so the best thing is to stay away from the negative ones, and enjoy the prospects of this chaotic world.

believing that humans are just clinging to people because they cant strike out on their own. others are important, but others need to give a hand in fulfilling the meaning of being together. the years to come will be filled in figuring why some are so easy to get along with and why some build walls.

again, life is not a thesis, and everything else for that matter doesn't need an explanation. what needs certain activity is living the space around us. what does living in the present means? does it mean ignoring all else to strive for our own better future. and where does the better future factor in when everyone has left and you need a helping hand. maybe even a few words of encouragement, do you come back then to say you matter, again?

the final steps are for simple things. simple happiness, simple sorrow, simple love and simple life. the simple things in life, in love, in work and in travels. the days and nights, the midnight star. those kind of things. the wandering mind, the struggling heart, the fighting spirit. all of it.

[/-] future retrospective on a few things, on all things.


Kavi said…
How lucky to just backpack and roam the world. How lucky ! And how blessed !

You are bang on when you talk of 'simple' things in life. I wonder why we make it all so very complex.

Simplicity gives so much space life. And the living.

Wishing you well GP !
d gypsy! said…
and smtimes these simple things are so difficult to achieve...
Ghost Particle said…
{kavi] sir, it would definitely be one dream come true. if true life is short to waste on being pressured to the max, then this is a path worth taking :)

in simplicity, the small details that make up everything comes visible, thats a great satisfaction :)

thank you sir.

[Neha] and the irony is, we can achieve bigger more complex things.

but like i replied to kavi, i think the simpler things let us see their building blocks - sort of what makes them achieve so much yet being simple. in how maybe we can solve problems easier that way, since the issues being simple.

or just let is go and still not make a big impact on a lot of things.

it works... :)
Jeevan said…
Being simple, extends our life… even within boundary we could find solace with so many things. And when it comes to world it seems so large to capture. There’s nothing wrong in living for us and we have our world to explore. I like your deal (backpack and roam the world), but don’t know how well it could exist, having our home behind.

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