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again and again

i dont know how to explain this reign of confusion. i'm definitely not an organized person when it comes to work. i hoard stuff, emails, notes, letters and even atm receipts, but i really dont know how to keep it all together. organize it. and when this new client came in and started talking about the process, timelines, Scheduling and stuff, it finally dawned upon me that they are more that just big words. i used to brush them aside because everything is streamlined and online nowadays. everything is just there, the tools. i just need to log in, get my work, finish, port it back, invoice and im done. its all there, numbered processes. but then im loosing out of the big picture here. there is no communication with the local environment where the work happens. or if its in another country, there is no serious discussions about usability and target markets and such. all this while i was thinking of the presence and not the commanding position that i should strive to be.

the market is flooded, inundated by wet ears. theyre welcome to come, but then there must be some space for the experienced to do their stuff. hence, to put it all together, the new client comes, and learns the process and immediately wants cheaper people. because they want many brains working on the same thing, to get a well rounded result, rather than one person dictating whats good and not for the market. theyre gonna pay, lets say 2 cents for each person in the process, and then keep 90% of the profit to themselves. for doing what? for getting the customer. how on earth do anyone come up in this kind of market?



Kavi said…
Markets rule. And market economics can suck the life out of you !

But i guess, survival is based on 'value' that you offer. Quite obviously as an experienced pro, your value proposition ought to be, and i am sure it is, different from those that are wet behind their ears.

It needs careful thought. Planning the positioning and delivering it well, are things that will set you at a different league.

There. I said it ! Sorry, if that was preachy !
d gypsy! said…
i surely dont have an answer
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] uve inspired me with your answer. its time to learn more about how to be a specialist, compared to the times spent learning the trade. the trade needs assurance of the best. :) thank you sir.

[neha] market economics, no one can understand. sometimes i think the economists make up the whole thing to make their life more exciting :D

how art you?

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