Wednesday, June 3

unending journeys and graveyards

there was always this fixation with long journeys. it started from all those mysterious bus journeys when i was a kid. though the memories are vague now, I could still remember a few vivid moments, tragic at most times. bus journeys used to take half a day back then before the highway was build. And the longest would be one whole day from one end of the peninsular to the other.

but thats not the story. the story was how this passion for travelling took many twisted turns, painful yet liberating. it was always The university that provided the starting point for many adventures. knowing, and threading new roads with the assurance that the earth wont open up and eat you. try holding up a wide eyed wanderer too long, and this is what happens.

and hence, the first real long journey was not far. it was during the ragging, an universal indian tradition in universities around the world, that took me out, exorcised the ghost in me. i was dumped at a graveyard along with a few unfortunate souls to sit out the night. and the catch, since there is always one, is to bring back some souvenirs from the realm of the dead. much easier was getting the frangipani flower, rather than trying to break some shards from tombstones. nope, no digital cameras back then, not with me anyway.

that one jump was turned into a whole night of salvation hunting. suddenly the graveyards opened up into fields where we looked for glory. for bragging rights and stories for generations. we ran and played hide and seek, we shouted and dreamed the stars away. there was no ghost. the next day, we volunteered for this 'punishment' again with another group of intrigued seniors. and the next as well.

a few years after, in another travel through the eastern jungles of the peninsular we rode through many graveyards, many afterlife homes. they have the best stories, they let the best imaginations work. if the travel was with equally goofy dudes, you get the most horrific tales laced with sex and adventure. but it was with the lorry drives that you get the most real stories complete with battle scars. and that is when all the fear you worked to exorcise over the years come hunt you again, every night. never challenge a true story teller, especially if he has a reputation at it. like when he says at around 2.45 am every day a bald ghost with burning head walks from the graveyards over the hills, you dont laugh at him. because when you do see one, maybe not a clear vision, but when you do see some fire floating in air walking towards the road at 2.45 am sharp, you rather wish to be dead. try starting a conversation after that. you'd be lucky if you dont fall sick for a week or two. but seeing stuff at a distance is much better than getting ambushed by vampires on trees. or your friendly early morning trekker waving at you in all white. or the black bald men of the old federal roads.

i have forgotten the exact routes but have always remembered the tales. i will be making another journey along the eastern routes in the near future. maybe this time ill be lucky enough to document some...


Arv said...

the memories do remain :)

I remember those routes too bro...

take care mate... cheers...

Kavi said...

I mean, you actually went to the graveyard to collect memorabilia !! Which college did you go to ?

Phew. Man, i am sure that experience gave you some nerves of steel.

I am still shaking in disbelief.

d gypsy! said...


why wre yu missin a ghost at the graveyard

u were already thr na... :P

nyways, continue with that wanderlust and keep us updated abt them....

btw graveyards are a fun place...

Ghost Particle said...

[arv] always the best days when we get lost in the darkness, into the unknown bro :) thx.

[kavi] sar, they are really nasty over here, the stupid seniors.

not nerves of steel, but after a while you get the sense that there are nothing there! its just stones and trees and the night.

thx sir :)

[neha] hahaha, one ghost scared away the rest of the ghosts :D

hope the wanderlust never ends, never ends :)

and am definitely agreeing with you, they are mighty fun places!

thx neha

Anonymous said...

Ok Gp, you scared me on this one! STAY OUT OF THE GRAVEYARD! Although I find myself there a lot when I need to talk.. and need someone that is going to be able to listen!

still am NOT going there in the NIGHT! HELL NAH! lol


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Jeevan said...

It’s confirm now from were u caught up the ghost! lol

I never know such things could happen in name of ragging! Thought I don’t believe in vampire, someone should be bravo to get something from graveyards.

Stupidosaur said...



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny