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some scapes i dont have control

today i experienced the most ethereal feeling ever in a very long time. something akin to the passing time stopping still, having no meaning to an everlasting night. the darkness and the stars the only constant in this still world. what mattered were the humans, and the minds that roam the universe.

and among all this, among lost voices, serene starscapes, cool breezes and magical music, i felt the fragility of the human spirit, in me. never having the ability to know if things are happening too fast, developing out of control, for the good or for worst, the feeling of being fragile is similar to death.


Arv said…
bro... thats some philosophy :)

take care... cheers...
vesperinlimbo said…
Fragility is definitely strange, but if you can hold yourself there, it's soothing.
Kavi said…
Thats some thought !

How have you been ?!? Its been sometime.
d gypsy! said…
As u said...

what mattered were the humans, and the minds that roam the universe.

I agree...
NE~ISM said…
How do you think like this.. I mean this deep?? Like I have said many times sometimes your thoughts scare me.

It was a great great read!! I need somewhat of a thought process as you have!!

Ghost Particle said…
[arv] thanks bro :)

[vesper] true to the word kristen, there are some magic in all this, when life is fragile, we thread with more appreciation :)

[kavi] thank you sir. its been a while, im so sorry, really swamped with work, i must touch base soon with some ideas. HUGS.

[neha] well agreed. there are no boundaries. thank you :)

[ramya] :)

[ne] we talked about this :) its a waste not to let the mind wander into new depth :)

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