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rendering the extremes

a ghost call woke me up, but there were no flash of light or even the magical beginning of fort minors where'd you go. its another day i woke up in my dream. this lucids are getting too chaotic, im loosing control over the places i want to travel.

knowing well im paralyzed in the real world and sensing only the humid air blown around by the ceiling fan which have been torturing itself for weeks now to bring some sanity to me. it is my marker to know whether im awake or not. it too failed me alot of times. i never know when im awake, i would just be falling out of dreams for hours before something real, some human wake me up.

this happened around December last year, the ghost call. i woke up, no calls and went to the window. it was a beautiful day and in the far horizon I could see wind swept mountain tops. the details were mesmerizing as the soft ice blankets are blown in slow motion into nothingness. it is a dream, i realized, but not the one i set out to live that night. i went out of the front door just to watch in fleeting moments the mountains and white snow changing into glass structures of buildings and houses. people were looking at the sky. i could see some of the usual characters of my lucids together with me now. the blue sky was rendered cloudless in a few seconds as bright flashes of light swept from all corners of the world. people were still affixed at the sky experiencing the whole event, speechless i can only assume. in a minute or two the clear ultra blue sky turned silvery grey and then blobs of what may be particles or nano machines appeared. they were slowly eating the sky and in the breaks were fire akin to the boiling surface of the sun. in that moment of panic i woke up. i had the same dream repeating twice more. then it ended.

probably it was a vision of end days when the sun swallows the near planets of the solar system.

[more strange days]


NE~ISM said…
My My My, you make much sense my dear. Tell me, do we really have control over ourselves?

The starting of the day tell us one thing, until it is time to end the day. The sad thing is.. I really understand you!

WOW! lol

Great write up GP!

Arv said…
Interesting one bro :)
Nahuatl said…
Then may be you shud stop watching late nite sci-fi movies/serials.

I love "where'd you go" song =)
Jeevan said…
bro, when did u sleep to wake! hehe...

what’s in our deep mind exists through dreams sometime, and I don’t wonder this happens in your dream, whom always dream about universe . :)
brocasarea said…
hey hru?..long time....happy weeknd!
Ghost Particle said…
[ne] thanks Ne and this time u were no confused :D explore the mind more, there is magic in there.

[arv] thanks bro :)

[nayan] i tried, but im getting back in the habit bro, wanna start write more reviews in our blog :) its a superb song.

[jeevan] u are one smart man :P i get this in the 2 or 3 hours i get daily bro :D

and you are might right, this must be a collation of desires to be out there :) thank you bro.

[broca] hey im cool bro, thank you.

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