Tuesday, June 16


playgrounds are changing,
spending time figuring new games,
rather than playing the existing rules

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Arv said...

over time, they hold many of our memories too... :)

take care bro... cheers..

Nachi said...

"The world is still the same. There is just...less in it." ~ Captain Jack Sparrow

...speaking of playgrounds, that was when we were strong enough to go out and do what made us happy despite knowing that we might get hurt...

wish that courage hadn't diminished over time.

Ghost Particle said...

@arv memories are always cherished...for rainy days :D :)

@brah jack never goes wrong...hope we can get him for our Ocean Sutra.

the courage never diminished, its stronger than ever, just that we need good shipmates and also the fire to go forward :)

Hugs brah.

d gypsy! said...


and i love the short words u etch at times...

they inspire me so much...

thanks ghosty

Ghost Particle said...

@neha thank you neha... as always we inspire each other :)

Kavi said...

New games need new rules. And new rules sometimes lead to new games.

How are you sir !?!

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] the circle is never complete in reality :)

i am fine sir, swamped but fine :) how are you? im breaking promises too much...but i could not leverage time to do something for our project. i will set out when i find the break... :)


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