Thursday, June 18

false prophets

some days even the mindless ramblings will evolve into something stupid, with a life of its own and noise that permeates the invisible halls of the Internet. the noise is everywhere, it blinds you. you can actually see the noise suffocating you like haze on a scorching hot and humid day. and when you seek the origin, you see false prophets. the preachers from every road you take, the spreader of hate and hope. you don't need to take a class to know who to trust and not to. people will be preaching till butterfly flies out of their arses to change you. and you must not. you change when you have the will and power to change yourself. and don't believe the false prophets, they seek gratification, ego, lust, power and justification for being loud. they shout, they bite. but you don't stop to throw stones at all dogs. as a matter of fact, you don't have to stop at all. whats holding you back, unless you choose the believe the insane. the windows into their brain, the washing of their yesterdays. their lives are mundane, they are insignificant.

you are empowered, you are destined to achieve many things from your persistent chiseling on the walls of this universe. you believe and you achieve. you don't have the wrath of god, or the limitations of the society to fear. these are the false prophets. there is a false prophet at every corner of the road and they are there to make you break your promises. the promises you make to yourself everyday, in the morning to make this day the best. you walk your path to achieve your efforts. achieve, and get the results. that's what matters, results. nothing else. the result is the journey, when you stack your results you look at a great journey to the future. no regrets, no wrath, no vengeance just you and your world and the ones who are happy for you. take not a step backward. beware of false prophets. but don't be afraid of them.

(i don't have disclaimers for this post, these words are collections of wisdom's from my research years, from many nights of deciphering humans and the universe)


Nachi said...

your words are powerful...but butterflies flying out of the arse!! hmm, where have i heard that one before??

...I never believed in prophecies anyways. so much for them prophets...

hugs brah!


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of false prophets around. I do I know you already know, believe in Prophets.

I am like Nachi Those words are really powerful and makes one think in a lot of prophecies that are going to be around again sometimes..

Do I make sense to you? because I do to myself just don't know how to write it down here! lol


Arv said...

they are some beautiful lines :)

well done bro :)

makes a lot of sense :)

d gypsy! said...

though u started with talking about 'mindless' words and 'stupid' connotations of those, u've ended it on a mindful and intelligent streak... ghosty, with u, the mindless rants also take a philosophical bent i feel... about prophets, well the fake ones we find them true and as u noted we really dont need to give into them. and i had a laugh at 'butterflies flying out of the arse'...something unexpected from u...

Ghost Particle said...

@nachi :p the dogma didn't bite you? yet? :D we are survivors and fighters, not followers of doctrines :) hugs brah :)

@ne i understand perfectly, yes we believe in prophets who bring change, but prophets who are lost themself have no right to cross our fences :D

hugs girl, u take care and stop that crazy status messages in FB...u r doing all right! ok!

@arv thanks bro ... :)

@neha thank you da :) it takes alot to understand my rants i guess...but then again you had alot of patients with my writings along with our regulars since long :D

the demise of the false prophets will lead us to focus on better things in this world, such as saving the world itself, the mess that it is in now...

oh oh the butterfly thing i tried with Nachi first...:P he took it well mwahahahha!

Nachi said...

you know, having butterflies shoot out of someone's arse is not exactly a Hellish punishment of retribution for life's sins...its just my kind of humor!

as for biting the dogma, i generally tend to avoid that bait. cause once bitten, all it does is generate and gather the mindless into a state of turbulent action that follows the inaction of thoughts that led to the dogma in the first place.

like you said, we are survivors. the need for a prophet does not arise with us. cause even doomsday shall pass.

Prabhu S said...

Hey GP!

How are you? I am doing great bro..

I come to office early morning and I get to read this post of 'false prophets' first! Thoughtful writing that makes a lot of sense and set me thinking as well. Thanks!

Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] heh...but then its just another euphemism describing religious and blind faith followers. not u brah...certainly i wont punish you with this. ur punishment is marriage! :D

i agree about dogma, id rather be an atheist rather than put up with missionaries of death each religion sends to my brain. all said...we will wait to see their withering when time comes...humans have matured alot.


[prabhu] im doing good sar, how r u? ive added u to the reader, now wont miss ur post anymore :D (im a slow, but steady adopter of internet technology :P)

thank you bro, well just writing from my experience and im sure many of us share this path :)

have a great day ahead.

Cinderella. said...

"...your persistent chiseling on the walls of this universe."

Loved this expression bhai !

And yup feel ya here.

Anonymous said...

Goodness!!! That was brilliant... Profound indeed...

Believing in prophets who bring change is good... But not in those who've lost the battle to their own senses...

no regrets, no wrath, no vengeance just you and your world and the ones who are happy for you. take not a step backward. beware of false prophets. but don't be afraid of them. Well put :)



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