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disappearing paradises

We first ventured to the Pedu near the borders of Malaysia/ Thailand about 5 years ago. The highway in the picture was under construction then, and there was an original route that ran through pristine and rare rain forest. It navigates along the Pedu (and Beris )lake which is a huge man made lake. The giant Tualang tree grows in this forests and can reach heights of 250 feet, on which the Asian Rock Honey Bee's build their nests.

I was under the impression that the project was stalled, but today we found out its still going on. This magnificent sunset captured from the highway that was carved out of paradise has a dark agenda hidden beneath it. The original scenic route that passes along the Pedu lake was destroyed to make way for a more direct route. Hills were blasted, and the land was mutilated to build this highway. There are still a few vantage points to view the lake, but the surroundings are gone for good. The lake itself is a famous fishing spot, but the signs of ongoing development, of which, this particular highway has been going on for nearlly 10 years, has damaged the site permanently. I wonder who wants to use this lost highway, since the state itself is very well connected for so many years. And how did a Conservation Forest such as this been allowed to be developed...

I was just chatting with Neha about how our cities and towns are being spaced out, and I guess this will always be a forward development rather than waiting for anyone to take a back step to consider nature. One day you will wake up to see your backyard gone, one day maybe you will step out to an alien land. Think about it...maybe you can change the situation in your communities.

[/] My Pedu Flickr Set

[/] Tualang Tree (with pics)


Arv said…
Nature will reclaim her own one day... dont worry bro :)

take care...
d gypsy! said…
ah ghosty

look at beautiful and now u say the route's destroyed, so sad..

I dont really agree with Arv, why do we have to wait for nature to reclaim...

its sad, real sad...
Ghost Particle said…
@arv bro, we lived through disasters, but waiting for nature will eat us time we too will wither. but i agree, natures play is one of our hopes to clean this world :)

@neha yes neha, the desires of men is unending. what life exists must be conquered it seems.

true, collective action will make sure actions like this doesnt happen elsewhere. we must act to be protectors of our microworlds.
thx girl :)
Jeevan said…
I wonder how much space our roads need. I was disturbed by the highways which stand distinct from shadow of trees and it’s uneasy to pass on those roads with unclosed windows, due to heat waves. I’m losing interest in traveling on those empty highways! The pic was fantastic bro.

We have to save at least what is left nature.

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