Wednesday, May 27

your audience

the web is saturated, sometimes its overwhelming to the point it makes you shut it off all together. but at most times you come back, with the hope of finding some changes. i guess web technologies will always evolve, many good things will materialize, but if you are expecting something towards a minimalistic appearance, catering just the things you need at any point of time, then the wait might never end. its always a cycle from free content towards monetizing it, and you are in the receiving end of ads and viral apps all thrown at you at light speed.

in the beginning when i started blogging, i was mad about everything on the web, i quoted a lot of other writings, poems and images. i still do this, but now I do it in facebook; that is one platform you can trash out stuff, and live to see it burn. people take what they want, and if they dont want it, they can ignore it, and you cant expect them to complain about it on facebook or twitter - these are just tools, you dont like it, you leave.

if you stay long enough in the web world, you expect to mature in blogging and eventually you might offer streamlined content with 'your' brand. quoted writings will make way for your own stories and poems, and you will be capturing the world with your camera and present beautiful images from your point of view, from your moments. your experience will be translated into books, albums, music, etc. it is a great thing if you can achieve this, and it happens only when you know your audience. you collect the best opinions, and it shapes your creative output. the best audience you have, your true friends, will encourage the perfect output they see you are capable of. this is why you need your target audience.

its good after a few years of blogging to have your target audience. it wont take long to realize who among your readers like what kind content. when you have web Readers, regular users will have the patience to sieve through each blog and read what they want. but at most times, there will be many passable posts, contents. this is where you must find some responsibility of knowing what to write, when to write and to whom you target it. it is your blog, but when its public space, people do get bored. many will leave, and trust me, that is a good thing. the more you shed unwanted readers, the better your writing experience will be. some readers will have an expectation from you, and they will get frustrated on the rants and whines (me, guilty as ever), on the hate posts, on the broken records, etc. if you know your target audience, you will reduce this and in time know from heart your best offerings, your true capabilities.

so, you want to make a presence, and get something good out of this web experience, know your audience. faking it wont help, don't live in a perpetual tangent trying to accommodate certain viewpoints only. you cant get good posts all the time, so take time off, requote old writings, repost old writings, and yes go back to old habits sometimes, post good stuff from others. but keep in mind, the current scenario of web; people just dont care. your circle gets small, especially if its a reading circle. flickr expands because each image is a post with no commitment, you look you like you comment you leave. blog posts require attention and time that the readers dont have, even when they have web Readers. the next time you post, get organized. if you are good at writing stories, get a separate blog for stories only, same with poems, and images. and have one blog where you write the everyday stuff, and promote your speciality writings in this blog, as excerpts, and invite your audience to what they want only, and they will definitely be happy to come again, knowing you are in control of your digital footprint.


NE~ISM said...

It is hard to really target an audience sometimes, I guess that is why I write for myself.. If it makes me happy I write it. I think the really hard part here is that some people need to leave a blog gracefully and not leave with a bad taste in one mouth.

I hate the hate posts myself.. I don't know what is going on in blogville and I just sit and watch. I am not sure and it is not confusion is almost like battle for who has the best blog. I dunno help me out GP!!

Kavi said...

I have been at this for three years now...And i dont think i have gone very far in attracting 'readership' !

And you are right. Readers come. Go. Some leave a comment. Some abuse. Some praise...

But to me, Siva, whats become more important is the moments that i 'connect' with a friend that i havent seen from the US MidWest or from Italy or... from Malaysia...!

Just to know their stories, the world around, and realising...the more of the different that we seem to be...the more the same we are !

And since then, the numericals have become irrelevant. I just write what i find interesting from the day to day world around. And surprisingly....people read ! :)

And some even become good friends!


Arv said...

neat points bro :)

Cinderella. said...

Bhai, time is gonna stand still when we begin our discussion on this topic. How many times have we spoken about this.
But dont you knw, 90% of the people write what they think their audience wants, not what they would like to.

I have seen blogs that claim to be this n that n more, yet all that they manage to churn out is shit - which obviouvly wouldnt interest me.

I dunno my sense of sensibility is screwed that I dnt find a thing funny or gr8 when 20 others do, or is it them doing the give n take favor.

There was a time when 100s of comment would fill up my section n I had to be nice to them - the give n take theory you see, and then came the realisation while I was on sabbatical that no nonsense now, only read the ones you like to read, comment only when you feel - no need to be nice or cordial. A good writer always understands what the other feels. Isnt it ?

Loved this post. Like always your humble poesy bowls me over.

Cinderella. said...

Oh and about hate posts, we all knw there but only one specialist here who does that. LOL.
Mindfcked beyond repair poor thing.
Ignorin is the best way to ensure your own peace. For such ppl never stop doing it, cz they have nothing else to do but bang their heads with virtual walls of the web.

d gypsy! said...

liked it...

it seems like a scholarly article and u do trash stuff on FB :P


Cяystal said...

You got the right point,Gp..
And hate posts and all that?..I don't think internet is for all that..though I've apologised on now I think that's dumb..cos its just stupid to throw your personal matter up on your blogs!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Insightful! :)

Nachi said...

don't even get me started on this. we both know where that road takes us.

...but you do justice to preaching. ever thought about becoming a priest? (the pirate option is always there brah)and as for FB, you suck! just give up, roll over and die! you can't win that battle.

everything said and done, i agree with Arv on what matters (Arv is da man with the golden words), listen to him!


Ghost Particle said...

thank you for the amazing feedback :) ill reply soon :)

have a super great weekend.

p/s; nachi, i will bloody win this war, mwahahahaha!

Jeevan said...

We have our audience, but we can’t always concern on them and write only what they like. Everyone have a different experience and expressions, and we can’t change this because they don’t like something. Not all readers comment to every post, and some will ignore if they don’t like the post, but there are our true friends who read our variety post which is true.

There is nothing permanent, one day if I stop reading and only write, many of them will ignore and I accept that only we take and not return there will be none to response, but only people who’re interested. I used to think about separate blogs for pics or poem, but there are people only check the main blog and leave unnoticed others, and I hope u might too have had this experience.

U done it well bro. Very true!


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