Tuesday, May 19

reaching heavens

reaching heavens, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle.

Do visit my Crissy Field collection@flickr. I really love this series of flower, birds, beach and magnificent vistas at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Thank you :)

[+] Crissy Field


Kavi said...

Fascinating ! They indeed seem to reach out to the heavens !!

I take a bow sir !

venus66 said...


Arv said...

Thought I had crushed a few of them when I was rolling over there with someone :P

Good to see that they have born again :)

brocasarea said...

nice man:)

Jeevan said...

Wonderful pixel bro!! loved this series :)

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] thank you sir :) i love your photo journals more :)

[venus] thank you :)

[arv] bro...ahha! something something :) definitely good spirit :)

[brocasarea] thanks bro.

[jeevan] thank you nanba :)


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