Friday, May 15

light voyagers

light voyagers, originally uploaded by Ghost Particle.

lets sail the high seas!

(i agree, we need bigger boats)

what if we hit a sand bank? or a fog bank?

or a storm? or pirates?!

or crazy crew mates? hungry cannibalistic crews? seasick sailors?

do we bring pets too?

which sea do we start with?

do we need passports for every sea border we sail into?

(too many unknowns....)


Nachi said...

we don't need nothing brah!! all we need is a boat and lots and lots of rum!!

and then off we go...

ps: we might need a few life-jakets and all since i can't swim to save me ass!! :P

Ghost Particle said...

wohoo! booze and boat! that works :D (and life jackets too)

funny u mentioned it, I actually do know how to swim, provided the water is 4 feet deep max and is about 15 meters long, inside a large concrete structure, well lighted.

iamnasra said...

When the voyabe is unclear but you take the journey anyways..So you put a brave heart and sail to any direction that leads us

d gypsy! said...

ahaa, lets just sail...

never mind if we meet any of those... we would have a gala time, m sure...

lovely thought ghosty...

Ghost Particle said...

[nasra] determination and courage :) thank you nasra :)

[neha] definitely! raise the sails and follow the wind, what adventures may come, it will still be fun!

thank you neha :)

Arv said...

they should make it a free world bro :)

and we would be nomads :P

Nachi said...

that's it!! i know i am doomed to be shark fodder...

...where the hell do i get a flood light to illuminate the ocean for you brah, especially if i am to be floundering 'IN' the Ocean??

i am doomed! :Opass me some more of that Rum. i need it!

Kavi said...

Nomads of a different sort ! Hmm !!

Lovely !

How have you been sir !?! Its been a long time !


Jeevan said...

What’s left over is only breeze we breathe. I love sailing and looking for a chance to sail high seas.

Manisha said...

well even i wanna sail and u can put ur vending machine in it tooo :P :D

Ghost Particle said...

[arv] well it is a free world, we jst got to settle our priorities, and go. and know what we are doing. cant say the same for passports though :D

[nachi] i think we wont drown, yet. our crew looks capable. or maybe theyll just tie us to the mast if we get too drunk and start going too close to da edge. :D

[kavi] please do join us in this journey :) im doing good sir, been to darn busy, but somehow being everywhere also. how are you :)

[jeevan] definitely a crew mate bro, you are with us! and love the words, its the breeze and the world :)

[manisha] hop on board manisha. i can try to fit my vending machine...hehehehe ill throw out nachi's stuff.

Nachi said...

throw out mu stuff will ya??? i'll have the crew throw you overboard you mutinous sea frog!...NO junk-vending machines. i stand by the wise decision made by the council elders who have rightfully denied the lazy slob of a ghost an opportunity to grow fatter!

sorry Manisha, the only way a vending machine comes on board is if it dispatches Beer cans!


Ghost Particle said...

[nachi] and how do u suppose we eat without a vending machine!!! oh we get internet onboard?!

council of elders my boat paddle, im not going to drink soup on the high seas! we are either going to fish (which we cant, coz...we just cant) or we jst get a nice machine which 'gives' food. and oh well...we can get ur beer vending machine also...if u can find one. and maybe a coffee machine at that.

Stupidosaur said...

A heartfelt apology to Big Bro Ghosty Dude...

I am sorry brah (am I allowed to use it, or is it reserved only for the inner circle?), if my comments to you on the Stupid Science post hurt you. I highly respect you. Its just that I am a born jerk, (and know that my life is none the better for it, if that helps you feel any better;) )

In fact my outburst was partially because I had higher expectations from you. Really!

From your last comment, I had a glimpse of some hazy skeletons lurking in the closet, that too in a dark room. I would really like to know what the true bones in there really are.

//there was a time, when you troubled my symmetries ssor, its still paining me deep inside. everything else after those 'moments', and my interaction with your here is for me to wash away the pain.

what do you mean? I honestly don't remember hurting you any time, at least not knowingly and intentionally (except of course today morning, which I will come to, in a while). Please let me know! Shout it out loud if you want! Over the mail if you feel like it! Really man, I kinda look up to you! In fact you are the only one whom I specifically asked to read that post.

Let me know what aspect of our history hurts you. Maybe I can do something to turn it around?

//you don't have to ask questions when you have the answers. unless you're trying to provoke others into discussions

I did want to discuss. Though I don't know wat 'trying to provoke into discussion means' :P.

I don't have the answers. Its just an intuition, which can be eliminated or confirmed only through the right mathematical treatment. But I had got pretty excited about it yesterday night. (I know you know what I mean. Cos I have a very strong feeling that you are the kind who also goes through such phase) And wanted to discuss it with some willing and able person! So it kinda blew my lid with you acting so evasive and cynical :P

//im not a defeatist

Yep sorry bro. I don't even know what the word means. Never looked it up. Not even now. Its somehow the first thing that came, when you said what you said. Why be so cynical? Even the holy Obama hasn't done anything mightily significant yet, but look he always shouts "Yes we can" stuff!

//but as I have always said, you are a very smart man, I admire you for that. And i would also, never forgive you for that.

Haha! Very funny! What do you mean?
Am I permitted to use this phrase elsewhere? Very catchy and stylish!

//my life is an endless cycle of futile glories. thank you for contributing to it.

Yeah right.
Who did masters (In physics I think?). Or is it PhD? I forget. You forgive!
Who is doing great stuff in languages and even making big bucks from it living in wonderful foreign lands?
Who is his own boss?
Who goes on wonderful holiday trips around the world?
Who has great hobbies like making wonderful balsa planes?

If all this and more (which I don't have any hopes of coming to know) is false glory, I don't even have that!

All I do is sit in a dumb cubicle working for peanuts, and then growing a paunch on a default thin body eating those peanuts ;) Almost looking like a vodafone zoozoo ;)

If we compare, I am the big loser here!

But coming back to that first thing again, what the hell do you mean!!!:
////there was a time, when you troubled my symmetries ssor, its still paining me deep inside. everything else after those 'moments', and my interaction with your here is for me to wash away the pain.


Ghost Particle said...

hey ssor, ive removed my comment reply, answered u in the mail, hope we can talk further there rather than trash it out here :p

Ghost Particle said...

satap Nachi!


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