Sunday, May 24

getting up

there is something about falling down that is so painful that eventually you become numb of the pain. but there is no numbness when you get back up and finish your task. then we will see who made what mistake. celebrate now sinners, i know i will live to see the day of retribution.


Arv said...

Justice shall prevail :)

Kavi said...

Ofcourse you will. And when you get up, i guess its important to feel alive and treat the numbness as something that helped you feel alive !!

Again !

And thats my two cents.

Nachi said...

"celebrate now sinners, i know i will live to see the day of retribution."...are you threatening me my brah??

and what is point of simply running from pole to post, getting inside a ring and racing time on a clock, if one weren't to fall, falter and get beaten down.

enjoy it!


d gypsy! said...

:) m listening

Ghost Particle said...

[arv] amen. lets hope. but dont put faith on it, in this situation :)

[[kavi] it is indeed a life building situation, especially when we all try to do things a new. determined, and with more care and sense of togetherness.

[nachi] brah, i would never threaten my brothers in arms :)

definitely. hope the getting up is soon, im waiting for them to be salvaged.

[neha] thank you girl :)

Anonymous said...

I am going to get back up, but the view from down here looks sooooo beautiful, care to join me??

Love ya GP!


Ghost Particle said...

[ne] lol, ne, get up and get going. ooh wait, its night there? go back to bed, get up tomorrow and go to work.

sometimes being down for a while is good. plan to get up, and plan well. and when u get up, make sure you do the best to brush aside everything that stands in your way.

love ya always Ne.


Cяystal said...


Jeevan said...

getting up for what is important. i wish people don't fall on weapons again.

Anonymous said...

it might come sooner than you think... Indian Invading Force doesn't get changed into Indian Peacekeeping Force every time...

We shall meet, not yet.. but someday... someday.


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