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eternal quest

so he began another day in his eternal quest for the restaurant at the end of the universe, perched high on a mountain, looking over rainbow toned fog invaded valleys and distant waterfalls swaying in slow motion, akin to satin shawls caressed by wind from shoulders of maidens in their own weekend dreams. and it repeats ad infinitum, for months.

and the days, when turning into night, just during the 5 minutes period when the mighty sol sets into the edge of water, the sea and waves appeared calm, reflecting an electric blue hue, with just a touch of orange sliver all the way from space to me, completing a magical evening dream.

back in time, thousands of revolutions around the sun, in the mighty jungles of panthers and headhunters, the roar of giant waterfalls from tepuis pricking the forever clouds of centuries of rain, he emerged stealthily, in his blue jeans, black t and a nikon. hunting.

first tonight, he has to sleep. to complete his current lucid, for he has stories to tell, too many.


Arv said…
wish I could embark on some journey like that...

yeah.. get some sleep now :)

brocasarea said…

happy weekend bro!:)
Kavi said…
And those stories. There are people awaiting to hear. Around the world.

Nachi said…
yes, go to sleep...tomorrow is a new day mister story-teller.


:)ps: check out the soup bowl. one more serving!
d gypsy! said…

and we all love the stories u tell
venus66 said…
Have a good rest.Take care.
Jeevan said…
I love to hear such stories bro. It gets me something fantastic! take care, hug
Ghost Particle said…
[arv] bro, you can, just pack and go! :) yes yes i did get some hours. thx mate.

[broca] hope you had a nice weekend too bro :)

[kavi] definitely sir, we are all fans of each others. it feels nice :)

[nachi] brah, me sorry for not comenting on yar blog, will you write a rant post saying i never come there anymore? please do.

HUGS brah.

[neha] thank you girl :)

[mary] thank you :)

[jeevan] thank you nanba, please do take care, hugs and love.

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